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Archdale Family

1. John Archdale
Death: May 18, 1557 Staffordshire England
Occupation: Baliff Of Scotland, 1540, 1546, Chamberlain (Scotland) 1541, 1557
Wife: Ann ?


John Archdale and Ann's children:

i. Richard Archdale
Death: @1577
wife: Mary FERNE bef. 1560
NOTE: Richard was admitted to Middle Temple in 1551. He was Steward for Reader's Feast in 1567

ii. Martin Archdale
Death: Dec 25, 1597
Occupation: Grocer, London, England
Wife: Barbara SEXTON (b. @1557 Eng) on June 13, 1575, St. Olave's Hart Street London, England

iii. Barnard Archdale
Birth: bef. 1578
Wife: Anne FERNE

2iv. Thomas Archdale
Birth: Stafford Town, England
Wife: Mary CLIFTON

v. Matthew Archdale
Death: 1599

vi. Elizabeth Archdale
Death: aft. 1597


Thomas Archdale and Mary Clifton's children:

3i. Margaret Archdale
Birth: Nov 6, 1569, St. Antholins Budge Row, London England
Husband: John COMBE(b. 1560/62) on Dec 11, 1587, St. Antholins Budge Row, London England

ii. Barbara Archdale
Birth: April 1, 1578 London, England
Husband: William PALMER

iii. Sarah Archdale
Husband 1: SMITH
Husband 2: Ady SARE

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