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These items relate to the Beatles in one way or another. Some items have one or more Beatles appearing on them. Others relate in other ways.
ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II--soundtrack (cover songs) VG $10.
CHET ATKINS--Picks on the Beatles (mono) VG $10; compact 33 VG $50.
BADFINGER--Magic Christian Music VG+ $20; Airwaves (promo) VG+ $20; Day After Day/Baby Blue (blue vinyl) NM $5.
THE BAND--The Last Waltz (Ringo) VG $20.
BAND-AID--Do They Know It's Christmas (Paul) 12" single w/PS VG+ $10.
CHARLIE BYRD--The World Of VG $20.
CAFE CREME--Discomania 12" Promo Single VG+ $20.
CANDY--soundtrack (Ringo movie) VG $15.
CHEVY CHASE--Chevy Chase VG+ $5.
THE CHIPMUNKS--Sing the Beatles Hits (reissue) VG+ $10.
BOB DYLAN--The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (George) NM $20.
THE FIREMAN--Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (Paul) UK issue (clear vinyl) NM $20.
CHRIS HODGE--We're On Our Way/Supersoul VG $5.
ELTON JOHN--Featuring John Lennon German issue VG+ $15; Philadelphia Freedom/I Saw Her Standing There (John) VG w/PS $10; Empty Garden 12" Single Test Pressing VG promo $50; John Lennon 12" Single German issue w/PS VG+ $20.
BILLY J. KRAMER--Little Children (mono) VG $30.
DENNY LAINE--Holly Days (Paul) G+ $5.
JULIAN LENNON--Valotte VG+ $5.
LIVE AND LET DIE--soundtrack (Paul) VG $15.
THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN--soundtrack (Ringo) VG $15.
THE JOHNNY MANN SINGERS--Beatle Ballads G- $10.
HARRY NILSSON--Pussy Cats (John) VG $10; With A Bullet/Judy (Beatlefest 1982) w/PS NM $50.
YOKO ONO--Approximately Infinite Universe VG+ $20; Feeling the Space VG+ $15; Fly VG+ $20; It's Alright VG+ $10, gold stamped promo VG $15; Plastic Ono Band VG+ $15; Season of Glass VG+ $10; Starpeace NM $10; This is Not Here (Bag Records) VG+ $20; Death of Samantha/Yang Yang VG $5; Hell in Paradise 12" single w/sleeve NM $10; Midsummer New York/Mrs. Lennon VG+ $7; My Man/Let the Tears Dry 12" promo single VG $15; Walking on Thin Ice/It Happened w/sleeve VG+ $10; Walking on Thin Ice 12" Promo single VG+ $15; Woman Power promo VG+ $20.
DAVID PEEL--John Lennon for President (Czech issue) numbered NM $10; Bring Back the Beatles (Czech issue) NM $10.
BILLY PRESTON--That's The Way God Planned It G $7.
BILLY LEE RILEY--Beatlemania (mono) VG $15.
THE RUTLES-- The Rutles VG+ $10, gold stamped promo $20; The Rutles 12" EP promo gold vinyl VG+ $20; Let's Be Natural/Piggy in the Middle (UK issue) NM $20.
SON OF DRACULA--soundtrack (Ringo) VG $10.
STARS ON--Stars On Long Play VG $5.
TRAVELING WILBURYS--Volume One NM $10, Volume Three NM $10.
JOHNNY WINTER--John Dawson Winter III (reissue) VG+ $10.
FRANK ZAPPA--200 Motels (Ringo) VG+ $25.
VARIOUS ARTISTS--Artfully Beatles (Jazz) VG+ $10; The Beat Age (German issue w/Beatles & others) VG+ $20; Beatlesongs (Rhino w/Chapman on cover) VG+ $20; Concerts for the People of Kampuchea (Paul & others) VG $10; Discotheque in Astrosound (Beatles & others) mono VG $30; Every Man Has a Woman (John & others) VG+ $10; Exile on Classical Street (Classical) UK promo issue NM $20; Hey Jude, Graduate & Other Hits (Beatles & others) Taiwan issue VG $20; History of British Rock Vol. 2 (Beatles & others) VG+ $10; History of British Rock Volume Three (Beatles & others) VG+ $10; James Bond 007 13 Original Themes (Paul & others) VG+ $10, French issue NM $15; The Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party (Paul & others) UK issue NM $15; Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father UK issue NM $20.
The Apple EP--4-track cd limited edition (case is cardboard apple) UK issue NM $25.