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These autographs are guaranteed authentic.
PETER ASHER (Peter & Gordon)--signed 3x5 card $10.
BARBARA BACH (Ringo's wife)--signed color 8x10 $30.
PETE BEST (1st drummer)--signed 8x10 picture of early Beatles $100; signed 10x15 picture of Beatles in Cavern Club framed & numbered $150.
LOUISE HARRISON (George's sister)--signed small picture inscribed $20.
YOKO ONO (John's wife)--signed Christmas card inscribed w/note & envelope $100.
SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (movie)--set of 4 collector cards signed by Billy Preston, Steve Martin, Maurice Gibb & George Burns $125 for the set.
PHIL SPECTOR (producer)--signed Rock & Roll Hall of Fame picture inscribed $100.
THE CAVERN CLUB--T-shirt & 1963 Membership Card (T-shirt signed by Pete Best) $200.