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Pastor's Message

We live in a world that is bent by problems so huge we feel our solutions are too small to make a difference.
I recall, nonetheless, being humbled by beautiful, little flowers coming up through
a crack in a sidewalk. We waste so much time whining about things that
are not handled to our satisfaction. Yet, little flowers - thriving in a hostel environment,
stepped over by so many people - make the choice to grow and be beautiful. They impacted their concrete
situation by seizing the oppportunity to make a positive difference.

All around us are brave souls going through adverse situations that are trying
to tear them down by any means they can; brave souls focusing on the larger picture,
though things around them are falling apart; braves souls counting on the grace and mercy
of GOD to bring them through; brave souls that have learned
how to stay afloat during the storms of life; brave souls that are aware of the
fact that every moment counts; brave souls that have learned that it is in the small,
tight spots that we find our chance at life; brave souls that exemplify integrity. Such are the
souls that realize just how much connected everything is.

Sadly, so many do not see the impact their disconnecting choices make. They numb themselves. Since
they do not feel they are injuring themselves, they assume there is no
impact. But, if we really want to see things change for the better, we have to begin with our own lives.
One of the best things about anything that is not maintained, managed, and unsanctioned is that at some point
it has to collapse. Our LORD, after all, warned us of the pointlessness of putting "new wine into old wineskins."
Making the right choices will give us the opportunity to build upon what GOD has already provided.
If we are sincere and faithful enough, we will come to truly understand the biblical writer's warning that
"unless the LORD builds the house, they that labor in vain." The choices we make here at Rafting Creek Baptist Church,
will impact everything GOD has willed for us.

Because of beautiful, little flowers growing in the cracks of a sidewalk, I am trying my best to be
in a better mood, to breathe knowing who is really responsible for my breathing, to grow gracefully,
and to listen to the positive lessons of life and living. At the end of the day, I want it to be known
that I tried my best to be a much better person than I was when I gotup that morning.

Thank you so very much for your support and help. Please pray for me.

Melvin Mack, Pastor

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