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Welcome to Pumpkintown, SC


A short history of Pumpkintown

The 2003 Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkintown is located in northeastern Pickens County, South Carolina. You can see a map showing it's location by clicking here.

The first settler, Cornelius Keith, came down from Virginia in 1745 with his wife and daughter. At that time, the Indians had a small village nearby named UWharrie. Cornelius traded one of his ponies with this village's chief, Woolenoy, for a piece of land he could call his own.

Pumpkintown, as history records, became a popular, bustling settlement sharing the land with the Cherokees. Before the settlement got a name, thousands of monstrous pumpkins grew in the rich soil of Oolenoy Valley (named for Chief Woolenoy).

One night, the pioneer settlers argued over a name for their community. According to legend, "A half-drunk Irishman wobbled to the front of the gathering and, waving to the surrounding fields of immense pumpkins, shouted 'Men, jest quit arguin' 'bout the whole thing and call 'er Punkin Town.'" The name stuck.

Today, Pumpkintown is a growing community. Located nearby is Table Rock State Park which draws many visitors to the area.

Also, each fall, people come from all over the world to view the foliage as the leaves change color. Every October, the Pumpkin Festival is held. It is a large gathering of arts and crafts, food, and a whole lot of fun. The money raised is used to maintain the Oolenoy Community Building and support the Pumpkintown Volunteer Fire Department.

Please visit the Fire Department's homepage which was created by Captain Matt Chappell.

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The 2003 Pumpkin Festival

The 25th Annual Pumpkin Festival will be held on October 11th, 2003 at the Oolenoy Community Building. This site is located approximately one quarter mile from the intersection of South Carolina Highways 135 and 8. Come join us in the crisp fall air and enjoy all the delicious food, handmade crafts, clogging, fiddling, and country music. The activities will begin at 9:00 am with a parade and continue throughout the day with a greased pole, a living history of the Confederacy with soldiers and artillery, homespun family fun, and lots of smiles. Please feel free to stop by the Fire Department booth and say hello. I look forward to seeing all of you there.


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