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Bro. Ricky Dent

Living Epistles Min.
PO Box 892
Cola., SC. 29202

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1st. Lesson begins Aug/1/2001
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    South Central District

    He called me according to Isaiah 58:12,
    "to be a bridge builder, a Repairer of the Breach"

    Who Said A Pastor And A Prophet Canít Work Together?

    Praise the Lord,
    I am Overseer / Pastor Theotis White,

    I am Pastor of the Zion Hopewell Full Gospel Baptist Church of Gilbert, South Carolina where I have Pastored for thirteen years. I am currently the South Central District Overseer of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, under the direction of the Presiding Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, and State Bishop Alfred Jackson. I thank God for the leadership that he is doing in this hour, and for the time that He has birthed in the body of Christ.

    I was saved (Romans 10:9) in 1977 on top of a nuclear power plant, 115 feet in the air. During this time I was under the leadership of Evangelist Edward Kinard, who later became a Pastor. I followed this man of God for seven years, and I watched as God powerfully used him in the gift of miracles, in healing and words of knowledge. At that time, it excited me to seek after those things that would cause the supernatural of God to flow in my life. On November 11, 1985 at 11:02 God called me to the Ministry. He told me that He called me according to Isaiah 58:12, To be a bridge builder, a Repairer of the Breach. At that time, I didnít fully understand what God was saying, but later He revealed to me that, He give in parts, and he show in parts.

    On December 29, 1985 I preached my initial sermon, and four months later, in April 1986 God called me to Pastoral Ministry. As I sought after the heart of God, I wanted to know the miracles that the Bible spoke of. I wanted to know that those miracles work today, and that those gifts work today. In the midst of growing in the Lord, I saw manipulation of the Prophetic Gift in the Body of Christ. This motivated me to seek after God even more, that he would bring a greater maturity to the Body. It was this that gave me a hunger to see people come with a balance. Simultaneously, God was dealing with me regarding how he wanted the Five-Fold Ministry to come with the balance and accuracy in many ways.

    Over the years, Iíve seen many areas where biblical understanding was lacking, and God began to deal with me in this area. As time passed, many have been filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. In this process, I sought after the Lord saying, God, what is next? What is your next move? What do you want to do next? I had heard a lot about the Gifts of the Spirit, but I wanted the biblical knowledge, the biblical foundation, the biblical order amen, of the prophetic gift.

    Later, God sent me a gift in Prophet Ricky Dent. Three years ago, God laid it on my heart to start a School of Prophets. Under the direction of Prophet Dent and Godís anointing, weíve successfully done so. Prophet Dent attended many classes and became activated, and many people have since become activated in the gifts of the spirit. This ministry school has produced accuracy in the gift of the spirit. In addition to teaching accuracy in hearing the voice of God, it has taught protocol. How to relate to, and walk with their leaders. I praise God for this ministry gift that has been birthed at Zion Hopewell FGBC.

    This ministry school has brought forth much maturity, and I have seen many miracles come in our church family. Things that would normally take five years, happening in six months. I thank God for Prophet Dent and the ministry in our church, and for the blessing the ministry has been to other churches as well. Now I know the order of the five-fold ministry gift. If the prophetic ministry comes forth, God will cause the Apostolic authority to return back to the church, to return back to the new order and the original order of God. I am a Pastor who is a living testimony that, A Pastor and a Prophet can work together in ministry.


    Pastors Theotis White
    Zion Hopewell Full Gospel
    Columbia, SC

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    Spiritual Gift Test

    If you want a personal & private prophetic evaluation of your scores simply, cut and paste the final scores then email them to us at Spiritual Gift Evaluation.
    We will email you back a detail evaluation with prophetic insight, and a scheduled personal chatroom interview time, if you want personal ministry.
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    Online spiritual gift activation class 2nd. & 4th. Tuesday nights 10:00pm eastern starting Oct. 2001. On site chatroom classes (12 classes).
    Class workbook (Spiritual Gifts Manual) and a prophetic training certicate will be awarded. Cost workbook & certicate is $60.00, pay by email and receive a $20.00 discount. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
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    Spiritual Gifts Manuel

    This is a copy of our prophetic training manuel used within churches. To develop prophetic teams that flow in accuracy, wisdom, integrity and with the vision of the House:

    • Covenant:
    • This is the "Prophetic Standard of Agreement form sign by all students, a copy is given to them, their pastors and one to this ministry.
    • Protocol:Prophetic protocol deals with understanding the apostolic rule & order the pastors play in setting and releasing the member gifts to flow within the church.
    • Spiritual Gifts Defined:This section give a biblical definition of all nine gifts of the spiritual, the five fold office gifts, and the ten motivational gifts. The motivational Gift are most important for beginners, they allow you to walk and minister in the unqiueness of your personality.
    • Personal Prophecy:What is personal prophecy? Can all learn to prophecy? Does prophecy make me a prophet? These and many other question will be answered in this section.
    • Three Steps to Releasing spiritual gifts:This section teaches the "How to's" of learning to hear the Holy Spirit and steps to yielding to his voice. How to operate in prophecy, word of knowledge & word of wisdom.
    • Spiritual Gift Discovery Test:This is a discovery spiritual gift questionnaire, the will reveal your experience level with the nine gifts, show your focus on the five fold gifts. And most importantly reveal your "motivational" gifts, which are key to you understand how to relax in the spirit and be your unique self.
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