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Shadow City Pokemart

Hello, and welcome to the Shadow City Pokémart. The following stores sell pokemon merchandise : Newbury Comics, Electronics Boutique, Barnes and Nobles, K and B Toys, Borders, Toys'R'Us, Sears, Most Card and memorabelia stores which usually have extra high prices, some small convienent stores which also have extemely pricy items, and more stores. If you need something, I may be able to get it and send it to you VIA mail. There is a list. E-mail me and get permission from an elder. If a product is not up there, please tell me. Prices may go up. I will go into more detail if you e-mail me and really want something. Shipping and Handling will vary. I will accept personal checks, but you have to wait for them to clear, and money orders. Please e-mail me with any questions.

Pokemon Items For Sale (( no tax )) :