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Shadow City Pokemon Gym

HI! I am the Shadow City Gym Leader. If you would like to battle, e-mail me. I only accept challenges from Pokémon that aren't made up. You may use Pikablu, Hou-ou, Donfan, or another secret Pokémon that will be in the gold and silver versions. If you would like to battle for my real badge, then it will not be so easy. My six Pokémon are Dragonair, Seadra, Tentacruel, Magneton, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl or their de-evolved stage. I find it more fun using lower level Pokémon, and matching them with my opponents. Occatinately((If that's how you spell it^-^;)) I will use any random Pokémon. I like one on one matches best. I will do any though, up to the legal amount of six that is of course. Just as a suggestion, I go easier on weaker Pokémon, like, I would not do blizzard to a Caterpie, or hyper beam to a Venonat. If you win, I will send you the badge through e-mail. Don't get your hopes up, it is just a picture you can put up on your own site, or do for slight fun. I do not mind fighiting someone several times over. Last thing I guess...donlt use any new moves in the gold and silver versions, I play the japanese roms, but, they are not quite as good...I canlt read it. A good site to learn selecteive words in Kanji though is Well, have fun, and, bye.