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Tyrell Corp. Link Page There's always room for improvement. This page will most definitely be updates fairly regularly. The array of PKD sites keeps growing and growing. Keep a look out. And, as always, inform me about any pages I should be aware of and I'll link them.

S. M. White

Related Sites! The ultimate in PKD domain names. A splendid mix of images, news bits, book reviews (he's miles ahead of me), essays and articles, links, and interviews.

The Unofficial PKD Home Page.

The Official WWW PKD FAQ.

Chris' PKD site. Plenty of reviews and pictures.

An apparently Finnish PKD page. It is, however, in clear English. Hmm... Other writers, too.

The PKD Exegesis Online Effort! Help to preserve his work!

The PKD Bibliography.

PKD'S short story "Rautaavara's Case".

Palm Tree Garden of PKD Lots of essays.

PKD Slept Here A site that thoroughly documents PKD's homes from the 1930's to the 1970's. Very interesting stuff for even the casual PKD fan.

Essays & Interviews

"The Mainstream That Through The Ghetto Flows." One superb interview.

Philip K. Dick and the JFK Assassination".

"Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation" A snipet of PKD's own Exegesis! If you want more, try here!

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