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Mortality Schedule for Upstate SC, 1870, Surnames beginning with U thru Z

  Name Age Sex Col MOD Cause of Death Head of House County Township Page
345 Valentine, Binam M. 2m M B Feb. Measles Charlotte Glenn Newberry Cromers 538
455 Vernon, Masouri 45 F B Sept. Dyspepsia Samuel Vernon Spartanburg Beech Springs 332
  Vickery, George 35 M W June Consumption Poor House Pickens Easley  
232 Waddle, Sarah 1m F W Oct. Croup Jim Pearse Spartanburg White Plains 611
  Wadkins, Julia 60 F B May Dropsy   Oconee Seneca  
110 Wadlington, Judy 55 F B Apr. Inflamation of Brain James Wadlington Newberry Caldwell 466
19 Wagoner, Mary 25 F B June Pneumonia Grandison Wagoner York Bethesda 205
  Walker, John 1 M B Feb. Pneumonia   Chester    
469 Walker, John 1 M B Nov. illegible Charles Walker Union Gowdeysville 447
298 Wallace, Annis 2 M B Apr. Spasm Kit Wallace Union Bogansville 342
114 Wallace, Louisa 50 F B May Consumption Frank Wallace Newberry Moons 505
  Walls, James 77 M W Mar. Paralysis   Oconee Pulaski  
380 Wardcood, Catherine 1m F B June Worms   Chester    
  Wardlaw, J. H. 26 M W May Pneumonia   Oconee Pulaski  
1598 Warren, Caroline 33 F B May Consumption Reuben Warren York Bethel 359
616 Warren, Elizabeth 54 F W Dec. Consumption Mary Warren York Kings Mountain 292
616 Warren, Sarah 52 F W Dec. Pneumonia Mary Warren York Kings Mountain 292
292 Washington, Julia L. 1m F B May Congential deformity George Washington York Bethesda 267
  Watson, Anderson 1 M B Mar. Inflamation of Bowels Ned Watson York Fort Mill 423
  Watson, Isaac 8m M B Jan. Diptheria   Spartanburg Cross Anchor  
2100 Watson, James C. 66 M W Jan. Disease of Heart John C. Watson York Kings Mountain 393
  Watts, William 11 M W Sept. Fever   York Fort Mill  
  Webb, Mack 4m M B June Pneumonia   Oconee Seneca  
55 Webber, John W. 48 M W July Typhoid Fever Mary Webber Spartanburg Spartanburg 565
419 Webber, Joseph 84 M W June Dropsy Charles Webber York Cherokee 486
  Weddington, Wm 1m M W June Inflamation of Bowels Robert Weddington York Fort Mill 423
99 Weems, Andrew 74 M W Apr. Measles Martha Weems Pickens Garvin 420
360 Wells, Charles 8m M B Feb. Measles Wade Wells Newberry Cromers 539
542 Wells, Fannie 10 F B June Burnt   Chester    
234 Werts, Furman D. 5m M W Sept. Pneumonia Belton Werts Newberry Mendenhall 629
257 West, Dinah 48 M B Mar. Brain Fever Giles West Union Unionville 552
550 Weste, Daniel 65 M W Jan. Disease of Brain   Chester    
150 Wheeler, Eleanor 32 F B Feb. Typhoid Fever Edward Wheeler York Yorkville P.O. 215
240 Wheeler, Sarah M. 6m F W Sept. Brain Fever Franklin Wheeler Newberry Floyds 560
46 White, Eliza 26 F B Jan. Consumption Mary Davison York Bethesda 208
6 Whitmire, Waddy 40 M W Apr. illegible Susana Whitmire Pickens Dacusville 367
696 Whyte, Joseph A. 5m M W Jan. Dysentery William Whyte York Catawba 297
210 Wilkins, Harry 55 M B Jan. Pneumonia Frances Pettit Spartanburg White Plains 610
215 Wilkins, Jane 11 F B Apr. Dysentery Franklin Bragg Spartanburg White Plains 610
12 Willbourn, Sallie 24 F B Sept. Chronic Diarrhea   Union Goshen Hil  
279 Williams, Edward 7 M B Aug. Measles Joe Henderson Newberry Cromers 534
1745 Williams, George 60 M W Feb. illegible Samuel Williams York Bethel 368
281 Williams, Larkin 13 M B June Consumption Rose Williams Newberry Mendenhall 632
89 Williams, Linda 12 F B Mar. Meningetis Allison Steele York Bethesda 252
  Williamson, Virgin 42 F B June Consumption   Oconee Seneca  
459 Wilson, Arrah M. 48 F W Sept. Disease of Uterus William B. Wilson York Kings Mountain 286
  Wilson, J. P. 1 M W June Chronic Diarrhea   York Fort Mill  
1521 Wilson, Leslie 8m M W May Diarrhea Parks Wilson York Ebenezer 354
579 Wilson, Maria 1 F B Aug. Teething John Beckham York Kings Mountain 289
  Wilson, Mary 75 F B May Dropsy   Chester    
1521 Wilson, Mary E. 31 F W May illegible Parks Wilson York Ebenezer 354
275 Wilson, Oliver 9 M B May Pneumonia James W. Isom York Bethesda 266
96 Wilson, Pinkney 33 M W Feb. Consumption J. M. Wilson Newberry Newberry 642
97 Winebremer, Carry 12 F W Mar. Meningetis John Rodgers Union Unionville 541
563 Wingo, Infant 4m M W Jan. Unknown Franklin Wingo Spartanburg Beech Springs 340
468 Withers, Vina 70 F B Sept. Dysentery Poor House York King Mountain 280
447 Wix, George 50 M B Oct. Information of Head Ben Palmer Union Unionville 564
333 Wood, Dicy 50 F B Jan. Typhoid Fever Andrew Ballenger Spartanburg Beech Springs 325
356 Wood, Dicy 54 F B Mar. Typhoid Fever Robert Wood Spartanburg Beech Springs 326
198 Woodruff, Daffney 28 F B June Venereal Disease Richard Berry Spartanburg Beech Springs 316
445 Woods, James 17 M B Nov. Shot/Murdered   Chester    
334 Workman, Vina 27 F B July Consumption Joseph W. Steele York Bethesda 252
325 Worthly, Amanda 8 F B July Worms   Chester    
349 Worthly, Joseph 17 M B Mar. Typhoid Fever   Chester    
235 Worthly, Mason 15 M B Apr. Small Pox   Chester    
  Worthy, Wade 42 M W Jan. Disease of Heart   Chester    
197 Wright, Canzada 50 F W Mar. Neuralgia Henry Wright Union Gowdeysville 432
38 Wright, Cora 14 F M July Typhoid Fever Robert Wright York Broad River 460
158 Wright, Infant 1m F M Mar. Unknown   Newberry Reeders  
112 Wright, Thompson 1 F W May Diarrhea Teething Jackson Wright Newberry Cromers 525
218 Wyatt, Hella 20 F B May Consumption Hannah Wyatt Newberry Floyds 558
468 Wyatt, Wylie 30 M W Dec. Venereal Disease Poor House York Kings Mountain 280
1298 Wylie, Thomas 88 M W Aug. Chronic Diarrhea   York    
  Young, James 4m M M June Croup   Spartanburg Woodruff  
403 Young, John 77 M W Feb. Consumption George Young York Cherokee 485
29 Young, Joseph 84 M W Jan. Hernia Charles Durham Pickens Pickens CH 434