Cipher (See I Power Her) Consciousness
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Cipher (See I Power Her) Consciousness

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Elemental Fx

Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths.
The Poor Righteous Teachers that show and prove living Mathematics and that teach Knowledge and Wisdom to All of the human families on the planet Earth in order to civilize the un civil eyes (uncivilized) I come in the name of I Master Allah Self Savior Universe. Yes indeed that's IMASSU and I see this as Being the Foundation and the bricks to myself. IGod is the Culture of I Self Lord and Master (Islam) which is not a religion, but a way of life that is based on the scientific method that can be shown and proven. A Master is one that is Master of his own Self and of the unknown, to make it known. Allah is the Black Man of Asia or also Known as the Asiatic Black Man with Knowledge of himself and Self is my only Savior for I am Allah and we are Allah because he is the Supreme Being and the All of All and All and All. I see this as Being True for the Universe which is the Sun, Moon, and Star or the Original Man, Woman, and Child. At the center of existence there exist the Atom which forms the foundation of Matter and that is measured according to it's Mass. Just as Mass is the Center of Matter, Mass is the center of my righteous name (I-Mass-U) Acknowledging the law of the conservation of mass and energy, and the formula for relativity we see that Mass and Energy (Inner G) are interchangeable, so Mass is Energy and Energy is Mass. Mass equals Energy because things are always in Motion because Time is only an extension of Motion and Time does not stop. Inner G is the God force which is seen as Knowledge of Self in the Original man because Melanin is what is part of the Inner G, refer to "Melanin Conscious attunement and the God in I," by Khalif Kalif. Mass is the foundation of Matter, and Knowledge is the Foundation of Life which is Mathematics. So if Mass is Energy and then Knowledge is also Energy my righteous name may be read as I-Energize-U to the Truth that the True and Living God is the Blackman of Asia or the Sun (Son) of Man and Knowledge of Self is recognizing this to be True. I Master Allah Self Savior Uni (you and I) verse born, bore or adds back to Knowledge which is the Foundation. I also go by the attribute True Scientist Elemental which is an attribute and reflects my righteous name, so I add it to the end as to represent qualities of Self. The Truth is proved through Science and the Scientific Method which proves the Science of Islam beyond a shadow of doubt, so I am a True Scientist keeping my Square in harmony. Elemental because I have an Elevated Mental which is Allah that is higher than the physical. Physical existence is truely the descendant of Allah. The Atom or Allah the Original Man is the Building Block of Physical Existence, so see Elemental worked with the Elemental or Allah works with the Elements (all Elements from Water, Fire, Earth, and Air to Nitrogen, Calcium, Carbon, and Helium) in Nature to form all you see through his Wisdom, Wisdom is water, which is two Hydrogens and one Oxygen and Hydrogen Bonds is what gives Matter its shape, so see Knowledge is the Foundation and Wisdom is the molder or application of Knowledge, I know so I by my Words and Actions I show people that I do. Now I'll break down Elemental to El, meaning God, E=Earnest which is my honorable name, and Mental meaning Mind


Several of us have heard that there are 16 shades to Black. What does this means because to one who does not understand it may sound incorrect. It may sound like limitations in the Black family. We all have been told that there are thousands of shades in all people, but the 16 shades is a generalization, just as in any mathematical procedure it can be broken down into smaller or larger parts. There are 16 shades in the Black family, and the following diagram will show why:

Black 1. Black/Black
2. Black/Brown

3. Brown/Brown
4. Brown/Red

5. Red/Red
6. Red/Yellow

7. Yellow/Yellow
8. Yellow/White

So see here we have 8 groups. Well, where does the 16 come in you may ask. It comes from multipling 8 times 2 because within the Black nation and within anything there is always a feminine and masculine aspect. God, the Black man's feminine aspect is his Earth, his queen.

The Science of Life and the Preparation of the Wrong Food.

Islam is a Science and Culture, a way of life. Islam's (I Self Lord And (Am) Master) original meaning is Peace which is and should very well be the Science of Life. Islam is not a religion.

I have Built with several brothers and sisters that have said religion's original meaning and use was to bind back, or religion (re=back, ligre=back) Someone may very well ask bind to what? This is a brief Understanding that answers that query and others according to my incite, so I am signifying this as a disclaimer, but if you use common sense and research you may come across the same Understanding in debunking this inside and out.

The first explanation that I have heard in reference to binding back is to binding the Original Man back to his Original name which has been lost through time. Today religious hierarchy shows this not be True. The second idea that I have heard is that the binding is to bind people together because of war and other factors. That is very well possible. Another idea is that religions were used as a shell to fool other people and themselves into believing they were righteous or not because an invisible entity either approves or disapproves of his or her actions. That stands in unison with the religions of today. Binding back can also be thought of as holding back or separating each original from one another.

I Knowledge that religions have gone through an evolution-remember evolution means growth and not necessarily good growth. Moreover, religions carry over the same principles the Devil has used to keep our people ignorant for many years, he who is still waiting for the mystery god to save him out of his condition of masked wickedness. Religion maybe seen as Being synonymous with Mythology. It has changed from it's original meaning to a new one which is to Rely on Jinn, Jinn Being a spirit or ghost in pagan theology. Ethiopian (Abyssian) people traveled in Saba and the entire Arab world, namely Arabia at the root of civilization.

Khem (man), Kemet (woman) or Khamit, commonly known as Egypt was the second great cultural capital and here they adopted the principles of the Netjer (the force of all of the God's of Khem) which was always here, since the Original man first made himself known, but through time and mythology and fear it was changed. The old tribe or stock of Kkhem are called the Anu, who are the like the groups the Aborigines and natives of New Guinea. They are also ancestors of the Ainu in Hakkaido, of the coast of Japan (Nippon), they are ancestors of modern Japanese and most mongoloids. Fear caused there to be unseen forces added to this All, but One Divine essence known as Netjer. The Science of Life is about unity and reality. The next step was made by the greatest thieves, the ancient Greeks and Romans. They came like thieves in the night and acted as if they assimilated in the Kemetic culture then they took Kemetic mythology, ceremony, and law. They changed around names and certain aspects of the culture to reflect what they had been living which was savagery. Through Time the word religion was coined to reform Europe and the Roman Anglican Church was formed, but they wanted to design this new idealogy without changing their filthy religion, so during travels they heard of a righteous brother by the name of Yeshua Pantera or Jesus the Panther. They heard the stories of his teachings of Freedom, Justice, and Equality, so they saw him as the prime canidate, especially since around this time their were some Jesus Movements brewing that escalated Jesus to Being astral. This is how he earned the title, the Christ or the anointed or chosen one, but humble man such as himself would never consider him the only anointed one. There were many that came before him such as Osiris and his son Horus that had many similarities. We were taught that the Bible is to be taken literal and that it was the first and oldest book that has ever been written, but the Hindoo Veddas and the Book of the Dead are older than the Bible by centuries.

Luke is accredited with Being the founder of Christianity, but he was not he, a long with others found Jesus Movements which indirectly led to Christianity which brings us to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church used the righteous name of Jesus to cover the negative things they did, so they would not have to live righteous, rather appear righteous. Christ is an attribute of Jesus (Isa)as many of hs other names. The name means "Anointed One," and it has been used to define many other figures before Jesus such as Yu of China and Buddha Sakia, to name a few. If one would gaze back in history they would see that many other figures were known as Christ, sometimes spelled Crest, Khrist, or observe the name Chrishna. They fooled themselves into believing they can do evil and easily be forgiven, but the real hell is the intense fires that burn within the consciousness, so indeed they were only fooling themselves. These evils were done by the clergy which then caused chaos within the church, ultimately causing a split. The split spawned the Roman Orthodox faith which split between the Methodists and Protestants because of social class or more appropriate the social ladder which the clergy was on top of.

Expansion, Imperialism, and Pilgrimage, because of religious persecution lead to the spread of this to the land we call North America. Here these missionaries used this Mystery God and the good name of Jesus to justify their evil of slavery, rape, and murder. They also used the idea of exceptionalism to make the Natives of this Wilderness think they were sub-human and that Africans practices were incorrect because the missionaries didn't Understand them. Through abolitionism, expansion, and the over zealous and confused freed slaves; other denominations were formed which are only branches from the first. The slaves were trying to bind back, but to the wrong thing because they had lost their way. The Poor Righteous Teacher are the Lost and Found that will find the way and the map and guide is Mathematics. Many have came sense then to teach the Truth in the form of "Noble Drew Ali," "W.D. Fard Muhammad," "Elijah Muhammad," "Father Divine," and "Father Allah" came to tell the Original Men of the Poor Part that they are Allah. This is only a brief list of those that have fought to make the Truth known. Peace!!

Rain, Snow, Hail, and Earthquakes
Peace new parts of this Build will be and are sparked by Wise Earth.

Rain is the evaporation and distilation of Water (Wisdom). It is the Sun of Man cleaning up the Earth and pouring Holy Spirit (Pure Wisdom) back into the Earth while nourishing the seeds (child) Remember that seeds have intelligence in and before birth. This is a natural process of purifing Wisdom for the Seeds that have been polluted by imperfections of man. The Sun draws up the Earth's Wisdom out of Love (Knowledge of the Cipher) into clouds. Considering the height from the suface or the closness to the Sun, the shape and size will vary (purier the Wisdom) The Sun can heat and warm the ground. Warm air is lighter than the same volume of cold air. The warm air rises and this is called convection. The Condensation nuclei, tiny salt particles lie in the smoke and produce Rain. Rain is the refined part until warm air or Peaceful air is turned into cold and biting air because of misunderstanding leading to anger. If the temp. is cold enough the vapor turns directly into ice (anger) Anger that pollutes Wisdom. Anger and fear are two very troublesome Emotions. This process is called sublimation (temp. must be above 40 degrees C) and a freezing nuclei forms which then produces Snow. Sleet and Hail occur with showery conditions of unstable air. It is formed in the upper air when droplets of supercooled water (below 32 degrees C) come in contact with small ice crystals or Snowflakes. 32 degrees is Just Ice!! Sleet may occur in the Winter, but Hail can happen during every season because we go through Hell (Hail) all year around. Sleet is a light punishment Being able to fight the Warm currents of Peace. When Hail falls through a warm layer of air it becomes 33 degrees and things are Equal.

Earthquakes are the result of many different things. As Wise Earth said, "Earthquakes may be the result of the Earth (Blackwoman) sheding her old less than righteous Self by working out issues within her own Mind, and that the Earth will reflect what the Sun shines." I also have heard Understandings that Earthquakes are from the Sun of Man allowing comets to strike the Earth. Another Build is that Earthquakes are the Earth cleaning herself in the female physical hygiene sense. No matter the different things the Sun of Man and his Earth are doing it is positive that Earthquakes are the Sun of Man experimenting with high explosives and that Earthquakes are the Earth Being controlled by Emotions (Earth Motions) resulting in the tremors or anger she may show. Wise Earth's Understanding can be backed by the Plate Tectonics theory of Earthquakes. The ground surface of the Earth contain 20 (Wisdom) rigid plates and these plates can be seen as issues that coincide (push together) or seperate causing Earthquakes or release or confusion. Earthquakes that involve Emotions affect the Wisdom in the form of seismic waves that travel through the Earth and then hittin the Water (Wisdom) in the form of tsunamis which means violent waves or harsh Wisdom. Peace

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I hope you enjoyed my page if so then let me know and if not then let me know also. First, of course love to my Queen Elizabeth M., my motivation. Big ups to my physical cipher my Ma Dukes and my three brothers, and as for my father, may you become alive mentally before you die physically. Peace to my family the God I Will, my A-like for life and his physical Natasha (Born Earth), X the freestylin' King, beleedat! To J T crooked I and Kev Scheme, yall going be my peopz no matter what. Peace to Lamonta and Chris (Brotha Wise, Brotha Israelite), my Alike from Medina. Peace to Rob and Bill, AKA Rythim and Poetry, to Tony and the, Circle and the Square. Peace to Scooter P the Obtuse and J AKA (Paraphanelia). Peace to Leroy and Larrissa, Rob's Wissy. Peace to the Everlasting Wise Malik Allah for enlightenment, God Ralik (Supreme Magnetic/King Islam), Keison Allah (name change), Excellent, Shippley and all the other Gods and Earths I have met through my travels in this Babylon. Peace to Just Ice, (Lori) Wisdom Born, Queen Love Marvelous Earth, UNI C Allah, Divine Dumar, Cipher King Allah, Jahzid/Divine Ruler Equality Allah, Tahmel, Sista Raven, Raina (Rain Born), True-Poetest, DJ Mankind, Ampball, Mello Yello, Zig Zag Zig Allah, Infinite Allah, Saadiq, Rahmel Understanding Allah, Lionguad Allah (name change), Wise Earth, Asia B Heaven, Master Universal Builder, Born Divine Truth, Krystal, Shabazz7, Twelve Jewels, Carlton Fisk, Carlito, Freedom, Starr, Tiger Lily and all the brothers and sisters about the Build. Last but not least thanks to all you crabs for sweating the God. You showed and proved what was right through your ignorance. Peace to all my heads on the ASU campus, not many. Peace to those that are no longer with us.

Watch for the Snakes, they come in many forms _________________________________________________________
At this point I must bring to light a problem that I have noticed brewing in the Wilderness and just like a nomad and tracker I will find the problem and show it for what it is. It is True that the internet gives Gods and Earths the opportunity to be connected all over the Earth, but like so many Gods have said it allows one to hide behind the computer and they may have never built face to face with any God before. A much bigger problem I have noticed is that there are many people walking among us that wish to treat our Science like a fad or some type of credential in order to be a rapper. While surfing through several web pages and chatrooms I have noticed many who claim to be Allah, but are not at all showing and proving this to be True their angles are not Right, so they have no Foundation and will fall flat on their faces. I don't like to call names, but one does come in Mind. In the Park chatroom their exist one calling himself God Shammgod and he is using this name to try and make the Women of said chatroom think that he is in the Gods and Earths because he knows the repsect that the Nation of Gods and Earths get because of their steadfast enquiring Minds and Righteousness. Our attributes are just that attributes not stage names for rapppers. They are Qualities and Equalities (Earth Qualities) that Reflect the Knowledge that we have to Show and Prove that we are on our Square. They are Divine names and as you see with this page I have manifested and explained my attribute and or Divine name. I would also like to say that although there are many brothers within the music industry that claim God there are only a few that Understand the Science of Islam. I have been asked what relationship does Hip Hop have with the Nation of Gods and Earths. It has no relationship. It's only some emcees that wish to express their Culture through music. All Gods and Earths are not poets or emcees. We are Scientists, Doctors, and the list is endless. There are those in my Nation that don't like Hip Hop, nor music at all, so see there is no true relationship. Only by chance. Peace I am adding this new section from right here on Knowledge Culture of Born Build. I was at the local grocery store when I read through the new "Source" magazine and I noticed something that relates to what I have been talking about. The front cover said, "Buildin' with Dmx." I really like the "Source" magazine; however, they are doing the same thing that so many people do they use words without thinking about what they mean. This is the problem, we hear people say, "Word is Bond," "Word is Life," "Peace God," "What's the Science?" "Do the Knowledge!" "Yeah, Sun he is my Alike," and other words. The problem is that these are treated like Hip Hop slang when it is not! This is not about art, but Science! I am not talking about New Borns that have not yet came to the complete Understanding of these Jewels, but those that say it, live in wickedness, and don't wish to be refined when they do such, but if you come to me and say, "Peace God!" or any of the Wisdom above and living as a savage, I will slice you and serve Justice with my Sword, Sacred Words _________________________________________________________

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