Yahoo codez

here is a list of ommands the first ones are fake commands and down the list are designs (cool pics) that i use alot at chat.

To use them copy the one you want and paste them to the chat Bar while you are chatting (ctrl+v) hint open notepad copy the ones you want and paste then to notepad and save them

Fakes commands

fake following

:starts following you.

fake enter.


fake leave


Fake leave heading to

:leaves, heading for (name).

fake entering follwing change the (You) to a chat name.

:enters, following YOU

fake private message, change the message to your liking

:tells you,"Hello wanna chat ?" fake Stalking :starts stalking you.

/buudy onremove (username) use this to annoy someone spam them to death with it they cannot ignore it

yahoo chat commands.

/tell [user] [message] (private messages a friend)"

/follow [user] (follows a friend)"

/stopfollow [user] (stop following someone)"

/stopfollow [yourname] (to stop them from following you)"

/goto [user] (to teleport to a friend)"

/away on [your message] (to stop private messages or to tell your away)"

/away off (to turn your private messages back on)"

/think (type this to think a random thought)"

/think [message] (type this to think what you want)"

/exit (exits you back to login page)"

/quit (exits you back to login page)"

/ignore [list] (list everyone who you are ignoring)"

/ignore add [user] (add someone to your ignoring list)"

/ignore remove [user] (remove someone from your ignoring list)"

/ignore add movement (ignores all people entering and leaving)"

/ignore remove movement (to see people entering and leaving)"

/ignore add all (ignores everything going on)"

/ignore remove all (stop you from ignoring everything)"

/allow [user] (allow friend to teleport/follow you)"

/disallow [user] (disallows person from teleporting/following you)"

/autofollow (list the options for autofollow)"

/autofollow ask (makes person send a request to follow you)"

/autofollow yes (allow anyone to follow you)"

/autofollow no (disallow anyone from following you)"

/autogoto (list the options for autogoto)"

/autogoto ask (makes person send a request to goto you)"

/autogoto yes (allow anyone to teleport to you)"

/autogoto no (disallows anyone from teleporting to you)"

/buddy (tells you the options for buddy list)"

/buddy add [user] (add someone to your buddy list)"

/buddy remove [user] (remove someone from your buddy list)"

/buddy list (will list everyone on your buddy list)"

/buddy onlist (will tell you whoes buddy list your on)"

/go lobby (exits what ever room your in to lobby)"

/go (room) (go to what ever room you wish)"


/room secure mode allow (takes off room secure)"

/room secure mode disallow (puts room secure on)"

/room secure list (list everyone in your secure list)"

/room secure on (secures room from anyone going on)"

/room secure off (takes room secure off so people may enter)"

/room secure add [user] (add specific user to your secure list)"

/room secure remove [user] (removes specific user from your secure list)"

/room (gives you all options for private room)"

/rom owner list (will list everyone who owns the room)"

/room owner add [user] (lets another own your room)"

/room owner remove [user] (removes another from controling your room)"

/room subowner list (will list everyone who is a subowner)"

/room subowner add [user] (lets another person become a subowner)"

/room subowner remove [user] (take away someone from being a subowner)"

/room capacity [number of people you want in the room goes here.] (tells you how many people are in your room)"

/room maxchatter [Number of max chatters goes here.] (sets it so that only a certain amount of people can chat in your room)"

/room list (list everyone in your room)"

ADMINISTRATOR COMMANDS these only work if only your an administrator

/kill [user] (will boot a user off of yahoo! chat)"

/whois [user] (Gives user info)"

/finger [user] (gives user info)"


/shout (This used to work it used to say something in bold letters. LOL dumb huh)"

/admin (gives you or other person administrator options. But again doesn't work cause your not an admin =)"

/ban (Bans other people from Yahoo)"

/password (But is no use.)"

Heres some yahoo designs (pics) that i have collected over my many days on the Net and some I made my self Enjoy.

To use them copy the one you want and paste them to the chat Bar while you are chatting (ctrl+v)

|---Black code

|---The White out code

 (it white outs the screen,when you do it no one can see a thing) (Hint) type /room when you do it or someone else does to clear the screen








|---a light blue color not a orange color


|---light green


|---light yellow


|-----00o--(_)--o00o-----Here's looking at you"

:3_)~ a mouse"








:[]D <red>[] []V[] <red>[]D"


:will Be Right Back."


:goes Away From Keyboard." ""


:(`'. <red>(`'.(`'.<red>(`'.HELLO<red>.').')<red>.').')"


:<yellow>(`'.<green>(`'.<pink>(`'.<blue>(`'.HELLO <blue>.')<pink>.')<green>.')<yellow>.')"

|---Hello Room"

:<yellow>(`'.<green>(`'.<aqua>(`'.<pink>(`'.<red>Hello Room<pink>.')<aqua>.')<green>.')<yellow>.')"

|---Hugs You"

:<yellow>(`._(`._(`._(<green> Hugs you! <yellow>)_.)_.)_.)"

|---Hugs You"

:<aqua>(_.(_.(_.(<green> Hugs you! <aqua>)`._)`._)`._)"



|---Conterfit States of America"

:<red>(`'.<blue>(`'.<red>(`'.<blue>(`'.<red>Counterfit <blue>States of <red>America<blue>.')<red>.')<blue>.')<red>.')"


:<grey>---<red>(`)<grey>---<red> LUV <grey>---<red>(`) <grey>---<grey>---<red>(`)<grey>---<grey>---<red>(`)<grey>---<red>"


:thinks this room is a room of many faces () ** ()() {ֿ} "


:slaps the room around a while with my big<red> autoexec.bat!"


:sprinkles glitter all over "


:shoots fireworks for the room.*~~~~~|#####> `';:**:;'`<green> *~~~~~|#####> `';:**:;'` <yellow>*~~~~~|#####> `';:**:;'<blue> *~~~~~|#####> `';:**:;'`"


:<red>!!! H@է <red> !!!"


:~~~~{{%`~%~`%`{{ H@է }}`%`~%~`%}}~~~~" ""


:`~~.:**.:`~~.:* ANGELZ *.:`~~.:* *.:`~~"

|---Die Scum"

:滫滫- DiE sCuM! -滫滫"



















marshmallow wars"

<green>----------(_() <yellow>-----------(_() <aqua>-----------(_() ------------(_() <grey>-----------(_()"

:(`.<red>(`.<blue>(`.<green>(`.<red>(`=[BITE ME ]=)<green>.)<blue>.)<red>.)<pink>.)"

:*~`~*<green>|*~`~*<blue>|*~ -=:]BITE ME [:=- ~*|<green>*~`~*<red>|*~`~*"



::o)<blue> :o) <green> :o) <red> :o) <aqua> :o) <yellow> :o) <black> :o)<red>:o)<blue> :o) <green> :o) <red> :o) <aqua> :o) <yellow> :o) <black> :o)<green> :o) <red> :o) <aqua> :o) <yellow> :o) <black> :o)<red>:o)<blue> :o) <green> :o) <red> :o) <aqua> :o) <yellow> :o) <black> :o)"

:(`. *~`(`)<green>~*.`.*~(`)<red>`~*.`*~(`)<pink>`~*`.*~`(`)<yellow>~*.`.*~`(`)<blue>~*.)<black>~*.`.*~`"

:(`)<green>(`)<red>(`)<pink>(`)<yellow>(`)<black>(`)<green>(`)<red>(`)<pink>(`)<yellow>(`)" ""

:<black>---<red>(`)<black>--- ---<red> (`)<black>------(`)--- --- (`)---"

<black> (`'.<blue>(`'.<red>(`'.<green>(`'.<black>Smiles<white>.')<yellow>.')<pink>.')<red>.')"





:Pulls out his()___crayon__)>"



:Showers you with(`)and@`--}--`--'s"





:<yellow>(_8 (I)<green> Homer

:(`'.(`'.(`'.(`'.(`'.Hi To all.').').').').')"

:Gives a Rose to all the Lovely Ladies @`--}--`--"

:leaves, heading for info chat#411."

:leaves, heading for sexual positions#69."

:leaves, heading for free chat#1-800."

:leaves, heading for emergency chat#911."

:leaves, heading for the Silly Kingdom.

:Arives in a puff of smoke <grey>*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*"

IT'S <red>S<yellow>I<green>L<pink>LY <blue>TIME"


( . Y . )"


:leaves, heading for <red>Hell"

flipping off (^) {} (^)"

the red rose @}---}-----"


~~~~~This one white outs the screen (use with cation)

:whistles innocently.  I Will  White YouOUT!"


my own personal made, change them to your liking,

:(`'.(`'.(`'.(`'.N64 RULES.').').').')"

:(`'.(`'.(`'.(`'.PSX SUCKS.').').').')"

:laughs demonically! <red> HA AHAH A H HAAH AH A HAH A HAH!!!"

Beavis saying



:<aqua>`~~.:**.:<green>`~~.:* *.:<red>`~~.:* *.:<yellow>`~~"


this one also white outs the screen.

:<red>The blank screen below shows that you have lost connection to i-chat/yahoo chat. So please disconnect from your server and try to come back in about 30 minutes"

:Pulls out the sword O' Kick ass... @zxvzxvzxvzxv[]:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>"

:<red>()___RED___))> <blue>()___BLUE___))> <yellow>()___YELLOW___))> <lyellow>()___LYELLOW___))> <green>()___GREEN___))> <lgreen>()___LGREEN___))> <pink>()___PINK___))> <aqua>()___AQUA___))> <grey>()___GREY___))>"

:<red>Pullz out a .9 and busts a cap~~~!"

:enters, Handing out roses @`--}--`--@`--}--`--@`--}--`--@`--}--`--"

this one also white outs the screen....

:< > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > < > You have just been Fu<cked"

This one I made up it has my name in it you can chamge it to your chat name also or anything you like.

:~~~~{{%`~%~`%`{{ -Z }}`%`~%~`%}}~~~~"

:throws Daggers __.`. @zxvzxv(:::::::::::::::> @zxvzxv(:::::::::::::::>__.`. @zxvzxv(:::::::::::::::>__.`. @zxvzxv(:::::::::::::::>__.`. @zxvzxv(:::::::::::::::>"

:sparks some 420!!! <red>(#)::::::::::___________))~~~~~"

:pulls out a knife and cuts you up... <orange>[]xxxxx|:::::::<red>::::::>"

滫滫- <red>С Mz! -滫滫"

:Angels among us <white>~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ "

:shoot from tennisball cannon (__(__(__(__(__() <white>--------====(_)<white>----==<green>(_)<white>----==(_)"

if you got any designs (pics) you like posted send them to me and i'll post them for you and give you credit, Thanks