Sub-zero stories

It was a typical day for Sub-zero, watching over the Sacred lands of Asia

(afterhe downfall of the Lin Kuei Ninja Clan) As Sub-zero walked visions ran through his head of the Invasion of Shao Kahn, and the Grand master who which betrayed the Sacred Honor of the Lin Kuei by making the Ninja's into cyborgs and giving Kahn full control over the Cyber Ninja's but was defeated by the Light forces of Earth.

Sub-zero was doing his daily scouting through the ruins of Clans Temple

after the aftermah of the invasion when suddenly a figure apaired out of the

Shadows, It was Noob Saboit he greeted the Ninja.

Noob- hello Assassin

Sub-zero was shocked (he thought Noob died in the invasion

Sub-zero- how? I thought you were dead

Noob- no thats what everyone thinks, but i was sent through a vortex unpon battleling Shang Tsung, he sent me through the Vortex after he defeated me.

Sub-zero- but I thought you were with the Dark forces of Outworld

Noob- no, that doesn't matter anymore, I was a fool to take sides with Shao Kahn, anyways while I was the Vortex I seen someone who will interest you.

Sub-zero- tell me Shadow Ninja who?

Noob- it was your order brother.

(Sub-zero jumped back in shock)

Sub-zero- that is impossible, he was killed by Lui Kang in the first Mortal Kombat Tournament.

Noob- yes true, but Shang Tsung had a curse over him and had full control over him, When he was killed his soul was sent through the Vortex.

Sub-zero- I thought Shang Tsung kept the souls of the fallen of the Tournament.

Noob- yes, but Sub-zero was too strong he escaped Shang tsung and instead was sent through the Vortex, a small World darker than Outworld,

Sub-zero- how do I get there?

Noob-I can take you there myself, there is a portal in a cave on the othre side of Asia, it was left open after the invasion.

(so they went on their way, they talked about the furture of Earth,Noob explain he seen dark visions of furture Warriors in Mortal Kombat and a great Wizard more powerful than Shang Tsung)

(They got to the cave hours later)

Noob- wait here, I have to see if its still open first before you enter the cave

(He entered the cave and suddenly a blast came forth from the opening and knock Sub-zero off his feet).

Sub-zero- what the.....

Noob- its too unstable, its getting bigger.

(Sub-zero ran into the Cave s he entered a figure walked through the Portal it was Rain Ninja of the Elements)

(Rain grabed Noob and threw him into the wall with extreme force)

Rain- ha ha ha ha I'm back, Finally i'm out of that Vortex, oh Sub-zero I wasn't expecting you too, you will die for betraying the Clan.

Sub-zero- The Clan betrayed me, you, and the others by helping Kahn and creating the Cyber Ninja's, The Grand master was a fool, he died by his own hand.

Noob- how did you get through the Portal?

Rain- simple with the power of the elements that I harness it took me many days but I have made it back to Earth.

(suddenly he pointed to Noob and struck him down with a bolt of Lightening and lifted him up into the air and threw him out of the cave)

Rain- thats better, just you and me, no help from the Shadow Ninja.

(Noob tried to get back in, but there was an invisable wall blocking the entrace.

Noob- No!!!!!!!!! he is powerful Sub-zero, I can fell his strength.

(Sub-zero took fighting position, Rain ran at him with speed with a flying kick, but Sub-zero grabed him before he even touched Sub-zero and threw him onto the ground, Then he started to stomp his foot into Rain, but Rain flew up before he made contact and kicked Sub-zero into the wall and started punching him with lightening speed, but Sub-zero was blocking almost every hit then ducked doing a uppercut into Rains chin sendhim back)

Rain- Kahns invasion has buffed you up since our last battle.

(Sub-zero shot a ice shower onto Rain freezing him, then he ran at Rain sweep kicking him onto the ground then statred combo hitting him all over the cave)

Rain- aaaaahhhhh

Sub-zero- had enough?

(Sub-zero started slowing down when suddenly Rain hit him with a hard blast to the neck with his fist, Sub-zero ws stuned, he fell to his knee's)

Rain- no more games, Mortal.

(He ran at Sub-zero and kicked him in the head knocking his Mask off Noob watched helplessly out side the cave with Rage)

Rain- ha ha ha ha

(Rain threw his hands into the air and a mist started to surround Sub-zero and Lightening Struck him out of no where, then another and another, Sub-zero was in extreme pain)

Subzero- (Moan) oooohhhhh

(Rain walked over to him and grabed his neck lifting him to his feet)

Rain- how would it feel if i do your brothers Pathedic Finishing move on you?

(Sub-zero was dazed, he couldn't move a muscle )

(Finish him echod through Rains mind)

Rain- good bye Ninja, time to meet you brother in .....

(Suddenly a figure flew through the Portal and kicked Rain away from Sub-zero and (yelled get away!!!!!) it was Sub-zero's brother the Original Sub-zero)

Rain- how? what?

Original Sub-zero how- dare you attack my brother. (he helped Sub-zero up and huged him)

(Rain wsa full of anger)

Rain- your dead.

Original Sub-zero- I was never dead, my body was sent to the vortex by Shang Tsung because of my failure and I was too strong for him to take my soul, but now I'am back.

Sub-zero- welcome back brother, but the Lin Kuei is no more.

Original Sub-zero- I know all about it brother, I seen a glimpse of what happen.

(all of a sudden Rain charged at both Sub-zero's but Sub-zero was already ahead of Rain, he threw ice Shards at him freezing him stiff )

Original Sub-zero- time for you to go back to the Vortex Rain!!!!

(But Rain broke free of the frozen shards and charged at him and statred fighting, Rain was weaken quickly sending him to his knee's in pain and defeat)

Rain- no more Ninja

(but Rain wasn't finished he pulled out a blade and charged at Sub-zero, but the Original Sub-zero knock the blade out of his hands and started punching him and kicking with faster speed then Rain (Brutality) Sub-zero stood back and watched his brother send Rain back into the Portal) (then Noob came running up and pointed at the portal and closed it before both Sub-zero's eyes)

Noob- your back!!

Original Sub-zero- yes its good to be back on Earth.

Sub-zero yes it is good to have you back brother, but Earth is still recovering from the Invasion.

Noob- yes it will take time for Earth to regain its power.

Original Sub-zero- there is another Evil which stands a threat, more powerful than Shao Kahn, I fought this evil pnce before but I seen what power this evil has.

Sub-zreo- what is this evil?

Noob- I know of this evil, I seen a vision while i was in the vortex.

Original Sub-zero- His name is Shinnok and his Wizard is Quan Chi, Quan hired me once years ago to steal the scrolls of the elements which I didn't know was part of his plan to help Shiinnok escape the NetherRealm Lord Raiden sent Shinnok there because of his evil, I battled both and won but Shinnok is growing Powerful once again.

Sub-zero- then we must warn Raiden and Lui kang of this evil.

Original Sub-zero I do not hold a grudge against Lui Kamg, he did what he had to do to me,I was under Shang Tsungs Power

Noob- ok we need to be going then.

Both sub-zero's yes we will be ready for the next Mortal Kombat.

(so the three warriors walked into the sunset to their Destinies, not knowing what is ahead of them.