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Hello, Welcome to my Webpage, Most of this page is dedicated to the Famous Ninja assassin Sub-zero and Mortal Kombat, Its not much cause im new at this stuff, So come back every now and then to see whats new, Check out the Links in the middle of this page to read up on things about Sub-zero and MK and the Links at the Bottom are to a few of my friends Pages and others are to my fav websites.

If you got any Sub-zero Pics you dont need heheheh I'll take them off your hands (LOL)if your a kind person you would email me them (just kidding) im looking for all the Sub pics I can get my hands on for my page. Thanks

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click below for Sub-zero's story in MK Mythologies Sub-zero

MK Mythologies

Click below on the Sub-zero pic for a List of Sub-zero's finishing moves in most of the MK games.

Finishing Moves

Finishing Moves

Click below on the Movie poster for Some info on MK5 and other info on MK games and movies

MK info

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