Subzero's Finishing moves

Mortal Kombat

Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, HP (at close range)

Mortal Kombat 2

Fatality 1:

Part 1- Forward, Forward, Down, HK (at sweeping range)

Part 2- When opponent is frozen, jump into close range and press: Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, HP

Fatality 2: Hold LP, Back, Back, Down, Forward, Release LP (perform at end of screen)

Friendship: Back, Back, Down, HK

Babality: Down, Back, Back, HK

Stage Fatalities: Down, Forward, Forward, Block

Mortal Kombat 3

Fatality 1: Block, Block, Run, Block, Run (at close range)

Fatality 2: Back, Back, Down, Back, Run (at mid range)

Anamality: Forward, Up, Up

Babality: Down, Back, Back, HK

Friendship: LK, Run, Run, Up

Stage Fatality: Back, Down, Forward, Forward, HK

Mortal Komat Trilogy

Classic Subzero

Spine Rip: D - D - D - F - HP (close)

Icicle Impale: D - F - F - F - HP (close)

Unmasked Subzero

Frozen Faint: B - B - D - B - RN (sweep)

Busted!: BL - BL - RN - BL -RN (close)

MK Mythologies Sub-zero

Spine Rip: forward, Down, Forward, High Punch (one step away) Rips the opponents head from their body.


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