yahoo codez

Fakes commands

fake following

:starts following you.

fake enter.


fake leave


Fake leave heading to

:leaves, heading for (name).

fake entering follwing change the (You) to a chat name.

:enters, following YOU

fake private message, change the message to your liking

:tells you,"Hello wanna chat ?" fake Stalking :starts stalking you.

yahoo chat commands.

/tell [user] [message] (private messages a friend)"

/follow [user] (follows a friend)"

/stopfollow [user] (stop following someone)"

/stopfollow [yourname] (to stop them from following you)"

/goto [user] (to teleport to a friend)"

/away on [your message] (to stop private messages or to tell your away)"

/away off (to turn your private messages back on)"

/think (type this to think a random thought)"

/think [message] (type this to think what you want)"

/exit (exits you back to login page)"

/quit (exits you back to login page)"

/ignore [list] (list everyone who you are ignoring)"

/ignore add [user] (add someone to your ignoring list)"

/ignore remove [user] (remove someone from your ignoring list)"

/ignore add movement (ignores all people entering and leaving)"

/ignore remove movement (to see people entering and leaving)"

/ignore add all (ignores everything going on)"

/ignore remove all (stop you from ignoring everything)"

/allow [user] (allow friend to teleport/follow you)"

/disallow [user] (disallows person from teleporting/following you)"

/autofollow (list the options for autofollow)"

/autofollow ask (makes person send a request to follow you)"

/autofollow yes (allow anyone to follow you)"

/autofollow no (disallow anyone from following you)"

/autogoto (list the options for autogoto)"

/autogoto ask (makes person send a request to goto you)"

/autogoto yes (allow anyone to teleport to you)"

/autogoto no (disallows anyone from teleporting to you)"

/buddy (tells you the options for buddy list)"

/buddy add [user] (add someone to your buddy list)"

/buddy remove [user] (remove someone from your buddy list)"

/buddy list (will list everyone on your buddy list)"

/buddy onlist (will tell you whoes buddy list your on)"

/go lobby (exits what ever room your in to lobby)"

/go (room) (go to what ever room you wish)"


/room secure mode allow (takes off room secure)"

/room secure mode disallow (puts room secure on)"

/room secure list (list everyone in your secure list)"

/room secure on (secures room from anyone going on)"

/room secure off (takes room secure off so people may enter)"

/room secure add [user] (add specific user to your secure list)"

/room secure remove [user] (removes specific user from your secure list)"

/room (gives you all options for private room)"

/rom owner list (will list everyone who owns the room)"

/room owner add [user] (lets another own your room)"

/room owner remove [user] (removes another from controling your room)"

/room subowner list (will list everyone who is a subowner)"

/room subowner add [user] (lets another person become a subowner)"

/room subowner remove [user] (take away someone from being a subowner)"

/room capacity [number of people you want in the room goes here.] (tells you how many people are in your room)"

/room maxchatter [Number of max chatters goes here.] (sets it so that only a certain amount of people can chat in your room)"

/room list (list everyone in your room)"

ADMINISTRATOR COMMANDS these only work if only your an administrator

/kill [user] (will boot a user off of yahoo! chat)"

/whois [user] (Gives user info)"

/finger [user] (gives user info)"


/shout (This used to work it used to say something in bold letters. LOL dumb huh)"

/admin (gives you or other person administrator options. But again doesn't work cause your not an admin =)"

/ban (Bans other people from Yahoo)"

/password (But is no use.)"