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I will post more information on anything new on MK here so come back for any updates.

I just got new info of two new MK movies on the way ones a remake of Mk Annhilation because the movie was so bad at the box office and the Story line was totaly messed up, but I dunno if its true, Cristopher Lambert is rumored to be playing as Rayden again. but the movie is said to be under a new name, the third movie is said to be made by a new company and will take place after MK Annhilation.

I'm not saying these are true, but check back to see if they are later.

Mortal Kombat 5 is comming!! It should come out in 1999. It is supposed to have 20 characters. Characters who are rumored to be in the game are: both Subzeros(The older brother and the younger unmasked one), Liu Kang, Chow Kang, Scorpion, Shao Kahn, Kabal, Kitana, Master Chang,Jarod, Nimbus. I think Fujin will be in it. Mk5 will use the Zeus 2 technology. heres some pics of Mk5 that I got from a source, im not saying they are real, i'll let you decide

Here's the last part of the interview with John Tobias:

GamePro: Are you doing anythingwith Mortal Kombat 5?

John Tobias: I'm probablyonna be doing the same things I did in MK 4[basic art concepts and character design], but MK5 is so early there's really nothing to talk about.

MORTAL KOMBAT MYTHOLOGIES LIU KANG I don't know if this is still going to be made. If it is, it will be in full 3-D!

MORTAL KOMBAT : SPECIAL FORCES In the June issue of GamePro, there is an interview with John Tobias, who made MKMythologies: Subzero.

The interview is about a new mythologies game.You can play as three different characters! Here's the interview:

GamePro: How is work progressing on the new MK Mythologies game?

John Tobias: Actually, we just started working on it. We want to try a few different things with this game.

GP: Will it be much different from Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Subzero?

JT: Although the first game was a lot of fun, we want to try a whole new approach. The new Mythologies will be filled with MK features like great fighting and great artwork.However, I can't get into the specific gameplay features.

GP: Can you give us any specifics?

JT: I can't tell you much, except the working title is Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.We'rethinking of dropping the Mythologies brand name because the new title is such a different game; stoy-line wise, it's a prequel. You'll also be able to play as more than one character this time. Jax, Sonya, and Kano will figure into the plot.

GP: When should we expect MK: Special Forces?

JT: We won't be able to show anything at E3 [In late May], but we'll definitley show something at the show in '99.

That's the last part on Special Forces in the interview. Check the MK5 section at the top for the last question.


Mortal Kombat Krusades is a new tv show. The main character is Kung Lao. It will air in fall'98 and will be an hour long and on every week.


Nothing known except there will probably be another movie


Subzero: Daniel Pesina

Scorpion: Daniel Pesina

Reptile: Daniel Pesina

Liu Kang: Hosung Pak

Rayden: Carlos Pesina

Johnny Cage: Daniel Pesina

Kano: Rich Divizio

Sonya Blade: Elizabeth Malecki

Goro: A clay model

Shang Tsung: Hosung Pak


Subzeo: Daniel Pesina

Scorpion: Daniel Pesina

Reptile: Daniel Pesina

Noob Saibot: Daniel Pesina

Smoke: Daniel Pesina

Kitana: Katalin Zamiar

Mileena: Katalin Zamiar

Jade: Katalin Zamiar

Liu Kang: Hosung Pak

Johnny Cage: Daniel Pesina

Jax: ?

Rayden: Carlos Pesina

Kung Lao: Anthony Marquez

Baraka: Rich Divizio

Shang Tsung: Philip Ahm, MD

Shao Kahn:?

Kintaro: A clay model


Subzero: John Turk

Classic Subzero: John Turk

Ermac: John Turk

Rain: John Turk

Noob Saibot: John Turk

Reptile: John Turk

Human Smoke: John Turk

Scorpion: John Turk

Cyrax: Sal Divita

Sektor: Sal Divita

Smoke: Sal Divita

Kitana: Becky Gable

Mileena: Becky Gable

Jade: Becky Gable

Shang Tsung: John Turk

Liu Kang: Eddie Wong

Johnny Cage: Chris Alexander

Kung Lao: Tony Marquez

Jax: John Parrish

Kano: Rich Divizio

Baraka: Rich Divizio

Kabal: Rich Divizio

Nightwolf: Sal Divita

Sindel: Lia Monelongo

Sonya Blade: Kerri Hoskins

Stryker: Michael O'Brien

Shao Kahn: Brian Glynn


Subzero: John Turk

Scorpion: John Turk?

Noob Saibot: John Turk?

Sonya: Kerri Hoskins

Quan Chi: Rich Divizio


Liu Kang:?

Johnny Cage:?

Goro: A clay model







Subzero: John Turk

Scorpion: Sal Divita

Grandmaster: Michael Garvey

Quan Chi: Rich Divizio

Sereena: Lia Montelongo

Kia: Kerri Hoskins

Jattaka(Game): Rachel Hebert

Jattaka(FMV): Erica Grace

Gatekeeper: Brian Glynn

Hulk Monk: Brian Glynn

Water God: Brian Glynn

Wind God(Fujin): Anthony Marquez

Fire God:?

Earth God: A clay model

Rayden: Michael Garvey

Shinnok: Gary Wingert

Monks: Rich Divizio


Subzero: Ryan Watson

Liu Kang: Carmicheal Simon

Kitana: Jennifer DeCosta

Mileena: Jennifer DeCosta

Jax: Hakim Alston

Shang Tsung: Sidney Liufau

Sonya Blade: Kerri Hoskins

Kano: Joseph"Eddie"Acavedo

Sindel: Eileen Weisinger


Subzero: Francoise Petit

Liu Kang: Robin Shou

Kitana: Talisa Soto

Scorpion: Chris Cassamasa

Reptile: Keith Cooke Hirayabashi

Johnny Cage: Linden Ashbey

Rayden: Christopher Lambert


Subzero: Keith Cooke Hirayabashi

Scorpion: J.J. Perry

Liu Kang: Robin Shou

Kitana: Talisa Soto

Shao Kahn: Brian Thompson

Rayden: James Remar

Jax: Lynn"Red"Williams

Sonya Blade: Sandra Hess

Johnny Cage: Billy Zane

Jade: Irina Pantaeva


Nightwolf: Litefoot

Shinnok: Reiner Schone

Baraka: Reiner Schone

Mileena: Dana Hee

The Raptors: Kimball Sultan Uddin

Cyrax: J.J. Perry


Motaro: Daron McBee

Sheeva: Marjean Holden

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