Lesson Two

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Nature ~ The Divine

Nature is a divine being; She has been seen in many forms in many different religions. She is the Goddess that was painted upon cave walls and worshipped under the Full Moon. She is beautiful, because She is everything. She is all the ages and races that exist. The ocean is Her womb, the earth Her body, and all life is Her children. Male dominated religions strive to drive Her out and destroy her temples, nature. The Christian/Jewish religion condemned the earth as being evil and that what was natural was the devil. This has made sexuality, race, physical pleasure, and happiness sinful things. Nature teaches us other wise. The Goddess shows us that all things are part of the wonderful fabric of nature, which is part of Her. Sex is not an act of sin only done to create children; it feels good also and should be used for that purpose as long as you are not violating someone else’s rights (i.e. rape, pornography). To begin learning the rules of nature begin seeing nature.

Explore nature now. For the next few weeks take time to walk in the woods, in the park, at the ocean and explore nature and its music, its wisdom. Listen to what you hear, any words that float in the back of your mind. Begin keeping a journal of what you hear or any thoughts that you get why going on the nature walks.

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