Ancient Religion ~ Path of the the Goddess

Welcome to the Ancient Religions Web School. This webpage is designed to help Pagans learn their skills and help individuals who are new to Paganism to begin and learn the craft. This webpage will also work on the human rights granted to Pagans and helping Pagans to live in a world dominated by Christian beliefs. This is not done by replacing Christian beliefs with Pagan beliefs, but by allowing the two to exist side-by-side.

Classes will include courses that take place on an email list, yahoo clubs, and some will be posted online. Classess will range from the basics of Paganism to the study of elements and magick. We will discuss the religious aspects of the religion and the influence the religion can have upon your life and the society we live in.

We will continue to post links and pages, as well as information, that deal with the 1st Amendment rights of a Paganism. We hope to start a service that will provide informaiton that can help individuals who are now facing violations of their human rights.

We will also post information about living a pagan life. We will discuss being a pagan parent, good books and movies, and all aspects of a pagan life.

Merry Meet and Merry Part

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