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Sound System

Stereo System Componants

Well the installation of my stereo system is comming to a close. I have all the componants that I want. I can tell you what though, the two 12inch subs pound out the the bass like a mother fu*@er.

Updates: Well I recently swapped out my 4500 EQ for the 7600. I did this for a few added features that this unit had to offer. Also when I did this I relized that saturn radio openings (95 - up) are double din size not din and a 1/2 like regular GM cars. Since I have found out this nice info, I have both units: CD Receiver and the EQ Mounted in the same opening. All I have to do is get a custom dash kit made to cover the gaps up.

Picture of Stereo and EQ

For some pictures of the install click here

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