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Dual Exhaust System

Well I finally did it. I when to the local exhaust shop by me (Doug's Muffler) and had my dual exhaust set up installed. It only costed me $150 to hang both mufflers weld the tips on and weld a jumper pipe for the second muffler. All and all I am very satisfied with the work that they preformed on my car. I will post pictures very soon!!!

My dual exhaust system contains the following:

To read about my old exhaust system chick here

Well the results of my new exhuast system yielded excellent results. I would have to say I have gian at least 3HP. just by adding the other muffler. The sound of the mufflers together sound awsome. I a very nice deep tone to it at idle. There is no pissed off bumble bee sound. Just a nice deep an mellow tone. I am very happy with the results.

Some Pictures

More pictures on the way once they are developed