Baguettes and boules (bread) in a boulangerie
in Corseul, Bretagne

The French have an approach to life that is strictly their own. They bring to each day a certain "joie de vivre," making it evident that many aspects of everyday life in France lend themselves more to classification as art rather than the mere routine.

An Introduction to France

The French Way of Life

The French National Anthem, La Marseillaise

Education in France

Festivals in France (map)

French Holidays

Christmas Traditions

French Beliefs (in French)

Tintin (a French cartoon adventure)

French Game of Boules (Pétanque)

French Railways

France Telecom

French Automobiles

The Perfume Industry

Learn French in France

Buying a Home and Living in France

France for the Tourist

French for Travelers

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Hints on Tipping

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