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The Rebellion Continues

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The delicate balance of power between the mages of the Atlantis Guild, the Necropolis Sect, and the Elemental League is about to be shattered forever. With the invention of gunpowder, the Black Powder Rebels and the kings and queens of the Mage Knight kingdoms are able to challenge the immense power of these three guilds and fight for their freedom from mage rule. The result is an era of chaos and battle, of alliance and betrayal, of magic and technology. Welcome to the world of Mage Knight.

Mage Knight is a unique new fantasy game. Combining elements of collectible card games and tabletop miniatures, Mage Knight produces an easy-to-learn, action-packed game that's sure to appeal to fans of both. Each Mage Knight figure is a fully assembled and pre-painted character with its own set of statistics and combat abilities.

These statistics are included in a unique combat dial set into the base of the figure. As the dial turns, these statistics can change, so no army is ever the same from battle to battle, and strategies are unlimited. No more complicated rulebooks and charts, all the information you'll need is contained right with the figure. Choose one of eight factions in the Mage Knight kingdoms, gather your army and prepare to battle it out for dominance. In the world of Mage Knight, anything can happen.

Mage Knight consists of 160 unique figures. There are 64 different castings; identical castings will have different paint schemes. Different schemes mean different abilities on the combat dial and different rarity levels. There are 6 different rarity levels. The various combinations of rarities and paint schemes make up the 160-pc set.

Booster packs of Mage Knight consist of four 25-mm figures and one Biggie 50-mm figure. Starter packs include 10 figures: eight 25-mm figures and two Biggie 50-mm figures. Starter packs also include a rulebook, two 6-sided dice, a comic book,Special Abilities card, and 10 ID stickers.

Mage Knight is very much a collectible game. Each edition of Mage Knight figures is limited, and will be retired once the next expansion is released each quarter. When combined with six rarity levels, differing sizes, and eight factions, each figure and army are unique, and no two Mage Knight games are ever the same.

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