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Adding details to Matabeleland Website (Zimbabwe)

Adding your Details

All Zimbabwe scouts are welcome! But as you have gathered, this has turned out to be more of a historical web-page. It appears that ex-scouts from Bulawayo, usually due to circumstances beyond their control, have been "blasted" all over the world. They may live close to one-another or even pass eachother in the street, without knowing it. Typically your details will be put on this web-page for posterity, and who knows - in a 100 years time someone might find them interesting to read! So... the fact is, if you are reading this, you are/were probably a Scout in Matableland & have enjoyed reading up on others - so go ahead & submit your details to:
Below is a list of things you may want to include in your 4 (well ok then 40!) lines:-
First name:
Last name:
The Scout Troop you were with:-
From - To: 19.. - 19..
Patrol you were in:-
County / Province / village you now live in:
Current intrests, family, and what you've been doing for the past ...100yrs! ALSO - can you remember who/when received awards or any suggestions for the (your) site. And dont forget to include any great memories you may have of being in Scouts!

Attach a photo:-

Question? I sent you my details 2 days ago & they still are not listed, neither is my picture?
Answer:- I'm afraid I probably didnt get them, or they were mistakenly filtered into my 'trash-box'. Please alter your 'Subject' line & resend. If you are using Outlook-Express, are they still in your 'send-box'? Or did your PC crash before you actually sent the details? I update the site daily & always reply to you immediately.
Question Why was my email returned as "unknown destination address"?
Answer:-If my email box is temporarily full (highly unlikely), or your attachment contained a virus & the email system rejected it, or you sent me a massive attached .doc file (bigger than 1mb) with your information in it - please just compose & type a normal email (and then attach only your photo).

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