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1st Bulawayo Pioneer Scout Troop (Zimbabwe)

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Chimanimani Expedition 2008
Chim. Expedition 2008
Matopos 2008
Matopos 2008
Matopos 2006
Matopos 2006
Assegai 2005
Assegia 2005
Colin Turner Pioneering Competition
Aug 2004

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Chimanimani Exp. 2006
climbing Chimanimani Mts - Dec 2006

Magazines/ Logs
Photos II
2004 Kilimanjaro Expedition
2004 Michigan Camporee USA
2004 Chimanimani Expedition

   Kilimanjaro Jan 2004
    climbing Mt Kilimanjaro - Jan  2004

The winning patrol - Mark, Joe, Jonathan, Paul with 2003's Provincial Trophy
Dec 2003
5 day hike
Apr 2003
2004 Troop Camp
Feb 2004
Chimanimani Expedition Dec 2004
Chimanimani Expedition Dec 2004

Meetings at:- Mabukuwene Nature Reserve Fridays 19:00 - 21:00 hrs
Scout Leader:- Norman Scott
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