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1978 Rumbles Scout Troop Magazine

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The 1978 Rumbles Magazine

The Troop Camp
This years Troop camp was held in Matseumhlope, Bulawayo (due to the war situation) on Mr Cleminsons’ vacant plot of land. It was held from Friday 12th to Monday 15th May After arriving at our chosen campsite - which was nothing but bush, we put up our tents, and organised the latrines. There were three patrols in all and the other two patrols organised the kitchen and gateway. After having a filling, we played an exciting wide game before retiring at 10:00pm to sleep. The following morning we were woken at an unearthly hour and given 2 lousy fish, and egg and potatoes and told to hike to Lakeside on an empty stomach! Our PL Hylton made us hike straight through the bush instead of following the road, however, after consuming a delicious breakfast, that we obtained through our own initiative, we hiked to a dam near Cement. After being transported back to camp, we had a braai-vleis and camp-fire, to which our parents were invited to. The next day, after sleeping in till 6am, we had breakfast and were piled off to Gordon Park in the Matopos. After abseiling and constructing a bridge we had (or had some!) lunch. We arrived back at the Campsite later that afternoon, had a game or two, supper, and then Izzi-Daw-Daw visited the campsite! The following morning we had our mini-Olympics, canoe races on the dam and then we struck camp. After packing the cars and trucks we fell in for final inspection. As the camp was run on a competitive form - well, who had won? Awe, come on!! Us the Lions of course.
Wayne Cleminson

Confusious says that: On Noaks ark, all the animals came in pairs... except the maggots who came in apples!

Cook-Out '78
Just about everyone had arrived at the Cookout site at upper Hillside Dams by 11:30 with their usual jumble mumble of tables food etc. Cubs and Scouts were everywhere and pretty soon everything was under way. It was rather amusing to watch the Cubs with their roaring fires... and the Scouts with their pathetic smouldering coals. My Patrol of three, (that includes the one that didnt arrive!) had to cook:- Fried Chicken, Chips, Carrots, Peas, Flap-jacks and coffee.
While preparing the chips, I turned around and found my tame little fire had burnt out half my campsite and my neighbours! The 3rd Bulawayo Air Scouts roared with laughter, but as the saying goes 'he who laugh last, laughs the longest' and so I told them to turn around and see how their fire had in the meantime, burnt their entire site and wood pile!
Eventually with our superbly cooked food arranged on our trays we presented them to the judges. After we had cleared away and fallen in for final inspection, I was told that to my delight, I and my patrol had come second in our age group. Eventually, two months later we received our trophies. I sincerely hope that by next year the poor judges stomachs are back to full working order to receive their '79 cookout meals.
Guy Cunard

Painting the Scout Hall
After the cracks had been filled up in the walls, it was eventually decided to paint the hall. So, on Saturday 7th October myself, Hylton, Niel and Gary and two parents began painting the interior blue, which we had won for having the best Scout Hall in the District. At tea time I observed our Scout Leader arriving and after painting a window sill, he disappeared again!? However, by lunch time we had given the interior two coats of paint. By supper time we had painted the veranda and white-washed the front of the hall. Then, at JOTA, we had a free morning, so Mol (Richard Millar) pilled us all into his car and drove us to the hall and to our astonishment we saw Mr Felgate standing there with brush in hand and a white-wash drum at his feet. Well, he had fooled us, as it turned out that WE were to do the white-washing... and he would do the organizing! After Gavin Whyte and Grant Wallace had covered themselves in paint, we almost completed the outside, but time ran out and we had to return to our camp. FUTURE HELPERS ARE WELCOME!
Steve Broomberg

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)
This year JOTA was held from the 21st to the 23rd October at CBC. It was the 21st Jamboree On The Air, and there were plenty of Jota T-Shirts, First Day Cover Envelopes and badges on sale. I think our campsite at CBC put us the furtherest away from the "shack" and toilets. The first morning four soldiers gave us a talk on radios and allowed us to use them. It was here that I heard a deep voice behind me saying "I know you from somewhere" - it was my music teacher! (Ed - who?) After eating excellent food we played some amusing games and swam. This was followed by a campfire. The next day we went an white-washed the Scout Hall in the morning and swam for most of the afternoon whilst listening to the contacts made. After the sun had disappeared, Mr Peter Evans gave us an excellent lecture on the stars and we had a camp fire. The following morning we packed up camp and departed for home-sweet-home. However, we returned to the camp for a final inspection. This was the second Jota I had been on, and once again, thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Matthew Rowley

Troop Gala
The Inter-patrol swimming Gala was held at Lochview School on Sunday 13 October. It was a bitterly cold afternoon, and after arriving at the pool we changed into our costumes. Mr Felgate and Mr Richardson were both at the gala. Mr Felgate was to be the Starter. The Cubs also decided to use the same afternoon for their gala. The first two events were backstroke and crawl, followed by a novelty, a medly then a crawl relay, and the afternoon was ended with another novelty. Although Kudu did not feature in the first races, there was strong competition between Eland and Impala patrol. Under the headings of novelties, came events like: Under water swimming - Mol was disgusted at our efforts and showed us how to do it!; A two-man race where the front swimmer had to do breast-stroke arms and the swimmer behind had to do breast-stroke legs; there was also an 'underwater spoon picking up race'. The results of the gala were:- First Impala
Second Eland
Third Sable
Fourth Kudu
Any Scouts who wanted to try and pass their swimmers badge were given the opportunity to do so afterwards.
Roy Edmunds

Impala Imprints Patrol Report
Wayn Cleminson has made excellent progress and has taken part in all patrol activities and camps. He is short and sweet and looks as though he will be a promising Scout. Gavin Whyte has pulled up his socks as far as they will go (to his ankles) at the moment and is making as much effort as he can. He is not so short and sweet or as easy to handle, but is a valuable member of the patrol. Guy Cunard has slowed down a bit, but this could be because he is still getting over the shock of - becoming Assistant Patrol Leader. As a keen Scout he is as valuable to us as his mother is, who is always able to help us out when we have a problem and I thank Mrs Cunard for this.
Niel Dempsey

Kudu Patrol Report
This year, Kudu has seen three patrol leaders. Finally I was elected PL, with Steve Broomberg Assistant PL, and Roy, Roy Edmunds & Franz Jensen. Kudu Patrol is one of the weakest Patrols in the Troop, but is not coming last in the Patrol Points (PL take up the challenge and turn it into the strongest patrol -ed) The Patrols progress is constant with Steve saying "Tonight I'm going to pass Knife and axe"... and walks round saying the same thing the following week. I am pleased to say that Roy and Gaty are making excellent progress and Franz has just received his Link Badge.
Rob Smith

Sable Patrol Report
I AM NOT HELPED VERY MUCH BY MY PATROL but always seem to struggle through the harshest tests. This year I have passed my Camp Cooks badge, become a proud Patrol Leader, passed my.... My APL Russell Smith is my right hand boy but does not do much but is a good APL and is always willing to help WHEN it suits him. Russell has been on the Cook-outs and every camp this year except JOTA. I hope Russell will do a lot better next year although he is an excellent APL. Rob McDermit's hidden talents appear to lie hidden in the art of 'Pot Washing'. However, as shown on JOTA camp, he has passed his Link Badge this year and is progressing steadily. Sean Tiernay is a quiet little scout and is coming on well but always manages to get out of work. He has passed his link badge and has been on the Troop camp and Jota. Matthew Rowley, a quiet little joker, always manages to find the funny part of something. Matthew has passed his link badge and is pressing on hard. Sable Patrol got the award for backwoods cooking at the quarry in Kilarney. (the editor wishes to point out that the above article has been sent to the Batoka district for a translation)
Bradley Craven

Winni' Elan' Patrol Report
I, and Daren Smith, better known as Pythagoras II, who is my APL, seem to be the only aristocrats amongst a load of degenerate mombies! (excluding Grasshopper Patrol ofcourse). Proof of this fact is our pure ingenuity in being able to come out head and shoulders above the other patrols point wise after each successful Scouting evening. The learned members of our patrol are:-
Andy (capp) McEwan
Shelton (pronounced Thelton) Rowley
and cute little Stuart McDermid.
The latter two were invested into our forces not two weeks ago. On the 3rd December, the 11th Riverside are having their Inter-Patrol Challenge Competition, where they will be using their knowledge to master our modern warfare advancements in world armourments (namely the 2.2 gun shootout) in trying to defeat our victorious patrol! In conclusion I would like to bestow my heartiest congratulations on all members of my patrol who have passed tests and badges in the past year.
I must now end this masterpiece of English
Signed yours truly, Grant Wallace

Annual Church Parade
The Annual Church Parade was held on Sunday 12 November at the All Saints church. At 9:00am members of the Riverside Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts assembled at the Scout Hall, from where we marched up to the church. Our respective flags were taken by Father Lenard-Johnson and placed at the alter. Along with the normal congregation we filled the church. After I had read a lesson, the Brownie, Guide, Cub and Scout representatives renewed their respective Laws and Promises. After the service, the flags were taken up by the colour-parties and marched back to the hall. I would like to thank those of you who attended and hope to see you all there next year.
A.A.S.L. Richard Millar (Mol)


How do you stop Mole's digging in your garden? Hide the Spade!


Social Evening
The evening began with three Cub investitures, a 'Going Up Ceremony' and two Scout investitures. Mr Wilcox (the Provincial Commissioner) presented Mr Felgate with his Group Scout Leaders warrant, and Mr Richardson with his Scout Leaders warrant. Richard Millar then gave an account of the happenings at the Annual Troop Camp and Robert Smith explained what happened during JOTA weekend. After tea had been served, and all the Scouts had stuffed themselves full to bursting point, Niel gave a lecture on the forth-coming Witzenberg Adventure, Hylton gave a first aid demonstration, and this was followed with a few scouts (and a father) demonstrating how to do a dead-mans-crawl. I am sure the evening was enjoyed by all and ended at 9:30pm.
Russel Smith

Group Scout Leaders Report
Once again the Riverside Rumbles has emerged, and this time through the hard work of Hylton Garriock, for which I thank him. Due to this being published at the last minute, because of exams etc we have been unable to print any Cub articles. However, I should like to say that the Cub Pack is flourishing and the numbers are very much on the increase. The Cubs have taken part in the Rowellan Penant and JOTA, and I am sure that they have all benefited greatly. 1978 has been a beacon in many ways for the Troop. Hylton Garriock and Richard Millar have both gained their Chief Scout's Award and Sable Awards. (Mol, just in time!) Congratulations go to both these lads, and I am sure that it will not be long before others emulate their high standard. Incidentally, these are the first Sable Scouts the Troop has had since it replaced the Queen Scout Award.
The Troop has had a very successful year. In the Assegai Competition we entered a very young team, which came third overall. After several tousles, we retained the "Rolling Stone", and also continued our high standard of achievements in Cook-out. Individual progress has been steady. Boys have been gaining Proficiency badges steadily in fact interest here has been so keen that I have presented a good 40-59 badges this year. Congratulations go to Grant Wallace on being presented with the Nick Coom shield for being the 'Most Improved Scout'. There have been numerous other activities this year which you will read about. On the Leader side, the Group has been a real family affair with Ron and Margret Richardson being Scout Leader and Cub Scout Leader's respectively and Ron's brother John has come in as Assistant Cub Scout Leader. I should like to thank them for their hard work this year and look forward to a good year in 1979. We thank Rob McGeoch (Group Scout Leader) and Mrs Hilda Dickenson who left us early this year. Before concluding I would like to thank the Group Committee this year for their hard work - the uniformed side could not function properly without a good committee. I thank Mrs Low in particular who has made countless scarves for the Group. Lastly to all Scout and Cub parents, I thank you for encouraging your sons and hope you continue to do so. This is worth the many hours of Scouting work, and the interest you show 'bears fruit' in the Group quickly.
Jimmy Felgate
Group Scout Leader

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