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The Boy Scouts Association Of Zimbabwe - Matabeleland Province

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Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe
Matabeleland Province
Activities from 2012...
1st Bulawayo Pioneer scouts 2012
1st Bulawayo Pioneer scouts  2012
1st Bulawayo Pioneer scout Expedition to Mt Kilimanjaro 16th Dec 20101st Bulawayo Pioneer scouts conquor Mt Kilimanjaro 19th Dec 2010Expedition to Mangwe - onboard Emma 17th-19th April 2010Assegai Competition winners 1st Aug 2010 Kevin and Martin Sanderson Canoeing Sandy Spruit dam 13 Feb 2010Basic Scout Woodbadge Course at Gordon Park 6-7 March 2010MANGWE PASS MEMORIAL 17th - 19th April 20101st Bulawayo Pioneer Groups One Hundredth Anniversary Dinner 16th April 2010 Riding an Ox wagon and Go-karting at Gordon ParkBundu-Bashing and Silozawane CaveHiking around the Matopos Matobo in 2010 Scout Sausage Sizzle 23rd July 2010Scouts visit the Bulawayo Railway museumBaden-Powell Day Service at St Georges Chapel GP 21st Feb 2010Start of Hike to Fort Usher Leadership tests for the Sable AwardBulawayo Annual Cookout Competition - 26th Sept 2010One Hundred Kilometre Hike 29 August to 2 September 2010 William Arnold Carnegie Assegai Competition 1st Aug 2010

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