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Baby Magic:

This document is written for kids who want to learn magic. It has no intense magical rites or even drawing the quarters. It has very simple magic that utilizes the child's imagination to create magic. Alot of people tell me that kids should not learn magic but if they did not learn to do magic then wouldn't that hold them back to some extent when they reach adulthood? The goal here is to make them better magic users than you or I when they reach adulthood, as it should be. The type of magic they do here will depend on their age. Obviously you will not have a 4 year old use a pocketknife carving something into a stick. Before a child should use magic you must first determine if they are starting to get a conscious, or understanding of things. I have a 4 year old son who is just starting to understand things but in my opinion he is not ready to do much of anything magical yet. Other 4 year old childern have a better. The key to success is to make the games fun. If it's boring your kid(s) will let you know soon enough.


Decide what rituals are suitable for your child's age and which one are too much for them. I have tried to make them as simplistic as possible.

Bubblemagic: Have you ever blown bubbles when you were a child? This rite is quite simple but will work if the right mindset is in order. First go out into nature, on a hill, in a field etc on a windy day if possible. Tell your child to make a wish and blow the bubbles. When they blow the bubbles their wishes are put inside the bubbles and carried up to the Gods where the bubbles pop who will see their wishes and grant them. Explain to them that sometimes the bubbles will pop before getting there by being attacked by Loki's forces who take the form of bugs, birds, crosswinds, people and other things. If they say a little prayer before the bubbles are blown to ensure a safe journey of the bubbles to the Gods then that will help them do begining invocations.

Kite Magic: Hand make a kite with your child(ren) doing most of the work. On the kite write messages of what they want, wishes. The message can be anything they want the gods(desses) to hear. It can have a poem written on it, or a request or a simple happy birthday to the God during Yuletide for the begining of our year. The thought being that the higher the kite goes it gets closer to the realm of the Gods and they can read it easier. If the kite string ever breaks and the kite is lost maybe the Gods have decided to keep the kite? Don't lie to them but let their imagination decide what happened to the kite. If you lie to them they'll never believe you again or will have doubts about what you say in the future.

Divination: Divination can be of anything. One idiot man who claimed to be an elder who was my teacher told me that I had to use certain things for divination, that other things wouldn't work. I told him that it's not the tools that the power comes from but that it comes from inside. he didn't believe me so I took three quarters out of my pocket and before tossing the quarters I said,"show me yes" then tossed them. Two of the quarters were heads and one was tails. I then told the,"Show me no". and tossed them again and two were tails and one heads. I told the HP to ask me any yes or no question and I would answer him with this divinatory method. He did and I tossed the coins. We did this several times with differant questions and got an accurate response each time. I later found out he was not an elder at all but lied about his eldering. For kids, you can create any type of divinatory method and it will work. Some examples are:
Take three black beans (can be any number of beans) and paint white on one side and leave the other side black. Ask the question, "Show me yes", then toss them and the same thing for no. You now have one divinatory technique. Take some ping Pong balls and write on them, yes, no, now, later, up, down or whatever words you decide to write for divinatory purposes. Put the balls in a bag, ask the question and shake the bag up. Reach into the bag and pull out a ball and there you have your answer.

Balloon Magic: Write on a piece of paper your wishes, a song, poem or whatever you want the Gods(desses) to see. Roll up the paper and insert it into a balloon. Inflate the balloon with helium and let it fly. A good variation to this would be to put a handful of birdseed inside the balloon so that when it pops the seed will feed the Goddesses children, the birds.

You could tie a ribbon onto the balloon with your message tied to the other end. If you put too much seed inside the balloon it will not fly but just drift close to the ground.

Water Magic: Work together to make a boat made of wood or out of scraps of wood. Fill the boat with fish food and a leaf that your kid has written his/her wishes onto. Before your child sends the boat into the water have them say a prayer of what they wish and that in exchange for granting their wish they have fed the Goddesses children, the fish.

Old Vitamins: If you have any old outdated vitamins ready to be tossed into the trash there is another way to get rid of them that will be most useful.

Have your child(ren) plant a fruit tree of their choosing. After they dig the hole have them crush up, or maybe you can, the old vitamins and mix them in the dirt. This technique was created by a child and the article put in the Mother Earth News. Now put the tree into the hole and fill in the hole with the rest of the dirt. That tree shall be their total responsibility from this time on. As they water the tree have them recite words of their choosing about how the water helps the tree to grow. Tell them the tree is a living being and they should talk to it, as it understands what they say.

Have them once a day go and hug the tree for a few minutes explaining that they exchange energy doing his.

Magic with Fire: You will need to supervise your kids with this one. Have them write down everything that makes them mad onto a piece of paper and then have them toss it into a fire. If they want wishes to be granted by the Gods(desses) have them write, or draw a picture or what they want on a piece of paper and toss it into the fire. Tell them that as the paper gets burned up it turns into smoke and is carried up to the Gods and then magically turns back into a piece of paper and lands on their alter where they read it.

Home For the Faeryfolk: If you have access to a forest this one is cool.

Go out to the forest and assist you child(ren) in building a home for the faeryfolk there. Don't use two-by-fours but branches instead. Make it as elaborate as you wish. Tell your children that sometimes the faeryfolk take on the form of animals and will move into the home you've built for them.

To lure them into the home put a variety of fruits and vegitables inside and a note to them stating that you've built this home for them and if they wish they can grant you your wishes. When the winter snows start piling up they will be very happy you've built them a home and stocked it with food. They may feel grateful enough to grant you your wishes.

These are only a few of the spells I am working on. feel free to use these and pass them around. Permission is granted to put these in publicaions as long as credit is given to me.

Vidar Andrewson - Mind Fire