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Fear in her eyes, she watches him run out the door.
Gets up from the table to put his supper on to warm.
A silent prayer "Please bring him safely home."
She tries to go on with the business of life,
While somewhere out there her man risks his life.
Hoping she won't hear that knock on the door;
Heard by the families of those that have passed on before.
Jumping when the phone rings,
Afraid of what it could mean.
Not wanting to answer,
Just letting it ring.
Wondering what this run could bring,
Hope it's a false alarm,
Hope everyone's alright!
And praying that her man will soon return,
So life can begin again...

Melissa Charleston, 1998

S o Many Years Ago

She knew it wouldn't be easy,
When they started their life together
So many years ago

He was a volunteer firefighter
And it took up most of his time
So many years ago

He spent his time in training
And ran a lot of calls
So many years ago

She thought that she could handle it
All of that time apart
So many years ago

She knew her life was changing
From the way it used to be
So many years ago

He continued learning
And reached the goal he set
So many years ago

He's become a "paid guy" now
Just like he always dreamed
So many years ago

She's apart from him so much
Something she never expected
So many years ago

She still loves her man so much
Just like she vowed to do
So many years ago

She still remains supportive
Of all the choices that he made
So many years ago

He stays so totally devoted
To the calling that he answered
So many years ago

He knows how much she misses him
And all the sacrifices that she made
So many years ago

She still completely loves him
Even more than when they wed
So many years ago

Together they plan and dream
To build upon the life they started
So many years ago

One day when he retires
They'll do all the things they planned
So many years ago

Until that time a flame still grows
From the spark they started together
So many years ago

Melissa Charleston, 1998

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