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Summerville Assembly #28

Home of

A list of our members and their stations:
Theresa Patton - Worthy Advisor
Miranda Reubish - Worthy Associate Advisor
Heather Augustine - Charity
Laura Bergeron - Hope
Jennifer Brunson - Faith
Casey Berry - Drill Leader
Sonja Zindars - Chaplain
Danielle Hardaway - Love
Meredith Ellis - Religion
Jessica Zindars - Nature
Meghan Hudson - Immortality
Lorean Connell - Fidelity
Kristyn Etheridge - Patriotism
Angela Bunao - Service
Seara McKendrow - Confidential Observer
Amanda Mitchum - Outer Observer Protem
For all of you Rainbow Girls out there who have web pages and have any suggestions, whether they are good or bad, please let me know.I'd like to thank my best friend, Kristen Hensley for helping me get this thing started!! Oh and by the way.... don't forget to sign our guestbook!!!
I would also like to take a moment and tell all the girls of Summerville Assembly #28 just how proud I am to say that i belong to Summerville! I love each and every one of you very much...even our majority girls !!! :) I would also like to say to Amber> On behalf of Summerville Assembly #28 we are soooo proud of you for being GWA, just don't forget about us!!! Much love and best wishes to you and good luck at/on your Grand Assembly Session.
In Rainbow Love and Service,
Laura Bergeron

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