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Hunting Tips
Send your Tips in and have them posted!

******* HUNTING TIP #1 ********
Trail markers
How many people have a hard time finding there stands in the dark? Well here is an idea I came up with. Go to Wal-mart or K-mart and buy some cloth pins and reflective tape. Cut the tape in 2 inch x 1 inch strips and place them on the end of the cloth pins ( the end you press together. ) Now when you walk to your stand, place them every 4 steps. At the end of the season you just take them down for the next year. It's better than buying the strips or marking tape every year. Not only that, you don't have to worry about someone finding your stand in the day time, because the pins don't stand out except with a flash light and only at night.
8/10/87 All Rights Reserved by: Chris Bowen
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******* HUNTING TIP #2 ********
Climber Wing Nuts
If you have a TREE CLIMBER this is a must. Ever lose your wing nuts? well here is the fix for this. Take all your wing nuts off and drill a 9/64th hole in one end of each wing nut. ( make sure you wire brush it to get all the burs off so you do not cut your finger later.) Get you some nylon string the small fishing kind 175 lbs. test and cuta piece 8 to 12" long. Double it and stick it through the hole, then loop it so it doesn't slide on the string. Now take your back blade off your tree climber and next to the bolt on the side out side the stand drill a 9/64 th on both sides and again knock the burs off. Now run both pieces of string through the each hole and tie a knot in them and melt the loose ends so it does not come loose. There now you can not lose them or having to keep extra's with you.

This was sent in by: Micheal on 5/11/98

******* HUNTING TIP #3 ********
Hand Warmer
Got this off a post while searching for hunting web sites. Take 2 potatoes and put them in the micowave for 10 minutes take them out then rap them up in tin foil and put them in your pockets for instant hand warmers it will stay warm for hours. And if you get hungry well that is just 1 more hunting tip!

******* HUNTING TIP #4 ********
Mineral Licks
Here is a real simple recipe for mineral mix: 30% salt, 35% beef mineral mix (without salt), 35% Dairy mineral Mix (without salt) Any co-op can mix this for you in any weight you want! Deer need mineral all year long, this mix will help doe, fawn and buck. The process of growing antlers begins the day after they drop, and always remember that 98% of the mineral ingested by deer will be used for bones and teeth etc. A deer will eat about 1 ounce of mineral per day as long as the salt is not above 30%, salt works for deer just like it does for you. A little enhances the mineral, too much will cause them to stop eating the mineral before they have enough to do their bodies good. Always place the mineral on clay or harder soil, or the salt will wash out into the dirt and deer will eat the dirt for the salt and avoid the mineral. If it rains alot, freshen your mineral mix with plain salt. Do this because mineral is bitter, and salt makes it tast better.......Always wear rubber boots when mixing your mineral site or freshing it......if legal place mineral to the side of your stand that you do not approach from, it may draw you some deer.
This send in from: Bill Synder on 6/11/98

******* HUNTING TIP #5 ********
Spray Paint Cans
When hunting using a ground level box blind, hang an empty paint can in the blind about where your head would be. The wind will aid in the movement of the paint can, and deer will be used to having some movement in the blind. When you arrive at your blind to hunt, take the paint can down.

Sent in by: Mike O'Neal

******* HUNTING TIP #6 ********
Flim Canister-1
Go to you local film shop and ask for a few empty film canisters. Now get some cotton balls and paper clips, take the paper clips and stick them through the cotton balls. Make sure the paper clips will hold the cotton ball tightly, now bend the paper clip so that it has a hook in it. Put 3 or 4 of them inside and put the lid back on them, just before you hunt pour the scent of your choice into the canister and put the lid back on it. Now when you get to your spot open it up and hang it by the paper clip on a branch Then when you get finish hunting you take them down and put them back in the canister for the next hunt. If you have problems finding the put a small piece reflective tape on the paper clip.
One more of my tricks 2/26/99

******* HUNTING TIP #7 ********
White Rags
Some people might have heard of this! If you hunt in towers or box stands, take 2 white rag and tack it on to 2 corners of the stand on the outside or you can place them in the inside. This way the deer will get used to seeing movement an after a while the deer will not look up at it anymore.
One more of my tricks 2/27/99

******* HUNTING TIP #8 ********
Wind Direction
I have a hunting tip that may be of some use to our fellow hunters. My tip is this. You know that wind direction is critical. Ok well here is a simple solution instead of buying those scent sprays. Get a thin piece of of yarn and tape it onto your stabalizer and this provides you with a source of wind direction all the time instead of finding your spray bottle.

******* HUNTING TIP #10 ********
Tree Stand Bolts
Some climbing tree stands use 1/4 X 20 bolts for tree size adjustments and use the large knobs to tighten them. I had a problem with the bolt dropping off onto the ground when attaching the stand to a tree. This can be distressing when it's dark and 6:00am at your hunting spot. I solved this problem by replacing the normal adjustment bolts with 1/4 X 20 eye bolts of the same length. I tie a cord around the frame and the other end through the eye of the bolt. Now even if the bolt were to fall out during setup or adjustment, I just retrieve it from the end of the short length of cord securing it to the stand.
Wayne Kooistra

******* HUNTING TIP #11 ********
The Mirror
I don't know who thought of this one, but we use it a lot. "Old rear view mirrors screwed inside or out of your deer stand (wherever you think is best), sure eliminate a lot of unncessary turning and moving around for us". Kind of lets us watch our backs without having to move around and make noise. May sound funny but it works. I don't know about you but I need all the help I can get.

******* HUNTING TIP #12 ********
Flim Canister-2
Take a empty fil canister with you if you smoke. Keep it in your top shirt pocket and place your ashes and butt in it when you get finished smoking. When you get home empty it. This will help keep some of your oder down in the woods.
Sent in by: Steve Smith

******* HUNTING TIP #13 ********


16'ladder blind new.gif weight limit 300 LBS.!
Tree house new.gif weight limit 300 LBS.!
Box stands 16' Wooden &new.gif 21' Metal Box stand
20'Ladder How high do you want your's 7,14,or nose bleed 20 feet!
Climber-1 #1 Climber, this tree climber will climb a telephone pole!
Climber-2 Just built! Has a web seat on it.
Climber-3 new.gifIt's easy to build! (Bolts together)
Climber-4 It's small and compact, great for small trees!
A.T.V. Cart This golf cart will go through some rough stuff!
Feeders Build it your way!new.gifOr this way?
Hunting story's Send me your photo and I will post it here.
10',15' Ladder 10' Metal and new.gif15' Wooden Ladder stand.
Ground blind new.gifMy new ground box blind!
Loc. on It's a loc. on and ladder stand