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Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif School is located in Karachi, its doors were first opened in 1954. This school was founded by the Sindhi Muslim Co - Operative Housing Society and is now being administered by Shah Abdul Latif Education Trust.

The aim of the school, is to prepare students to become responsible citizens and productive members of the society. It is a common belief that all children are capable of learning. The students of the school are provided with an environment that is safe,caring, friendly and educationally inspiring.

The school celebrated it's 45th Anniversary in 1999.

This school comprises of three separate Campuses.

   Montessori, Nursery & Primary Sections

    Girls Secondary Section

images/mb.gif (618 bytes)  Boys Secondary Section

All the three campuses are functioning in two shifts Morning and Afternoon. At present the school have an enrollment of 6,860 students from Montessori to Matric.