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First Generation

James Keel

Second Generation

Children of James Keel
JOSEPH B. b February 5, 1802, d September 10, 1858, married Catherine Pemberton

Other children have not been verified

Third Generation

Children of JOSEPH B. KEEL and Catherine Pemberton
1. Sarah T., b January 19, 1826; married Ansel Redd
2. Mary, b 1827, d 1865; married Daniel Bell
3. John M., b March 16, 1828; married Catherine Stewart
4. Cynthia Elizabeth, b December 4, 1829, d July 14, 1927; married Larkin Brown
5. Clarissa, b 1833; married Solomon Cook
6. James (Jim) Marvin, b April 24, 1834; married Martha Jowers
7. William Brooker, b September 18, 1836
8. Carson Asbil, b March 4, 1840, d September 2, 1892; married Jane Howell
9. C. WISE S. KEEL, b August 29, 1843, d October 4, 1892; married Emeline Howell

Fourth Generation

Children of C. WISE. S KEEL and Emeline Howell
1. Eddy (Edward)
2. SANDERS L., married Julia Ella Cook
3. Addie, married John "Boast" Garvin"
4. Mary, married Walter Skipper
5. Josie, married Purvis Fallaw
6. James Arlie b. 1876, d December 1, 1921; married Effie Porter

Fifth Generation

Children of SANDERS L. KEEL and Julia Ella Cook
Dates for this family are filed in the Cook Family Library
1. Henry; married Ethie Toole
2. SARAH JANE; married William (Bill) Douglas
3. Charley Wesley; married Etha Watkins
4. Willie; married Elizabeth Rutland
5. Lonnie Lee; married Nellie Toole
6. Julia Bell; married Wade Glover

Refer to Douglas Family Library for information on Sarah Jane's family

Names listed on the Montmorenci Baptist Church (Aiken County, SC) roll before 1900:
J. S. Keel
Rittie Keel
J. H. Keel

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