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First Generation, John Emanuel Goss and Martha Gertrude Howell

John Emanuel Goss, b March 14, 1853 d February 17, 1936, married Martha Gertrude Howell, who died October 2, 1943. Daughter of Josiah Howell and Mary Rorie (family listed in Howell Family Library)

Second Generation

The Children of John Emanuel Goss and Martha Gertrude Howell
1. Ava Goss, born July 10, 1876, married Felder Brown
2. Sally Senora Goss, born November 22, 1878, married Butler Smith
3. Maggie, born August 23, 1884, married William Chester McGee
4. Carrie Bell, twin, born August 13, 1889, married Luie Palmer Baker
5. Beth (Bessie), twin, born August 13, 1889
6. Johnny Lawton, twin, born October 16, 1890, married Annie Crook
7. James Lloyd, twin, born October 16, 1890, married 1st Lila Radcliff, 2nd Cleo Hydrick, 3rd Corine Hydrick
8. Benny Durant, married Cleone Love

Third Generation

3. Maggie Goss was born August 23, 1884, died January 29, 1961, married William Chester McGee.

Child of Maggie Goss and William McGee is:
Martha Gertrude McGee, born February 25, 1919; died July 17, 1920

4. Carrie Bell Goss was born August 13, 1889, died October 26, 1973, married Luie Palmer Baker, son of Charles Baker and Jennie Posey.

Children of Carrie Goss and Luie Baker are:
Randolph Baker, born May 05, 1914; died June 07, 1980
Audley Baker, born December 19, 1915; died November 23, 1997
Lloyd Baker, born June 04, 19191; died September 29, 1966
Howard Baker, born March 13, 1925

6. Johnny Lawton Goss was born October 16, 1890, and died August 17, 1936, married Annie Crook November 23, 1912. Headstone reads: Jonnie L. Goss

Children of Johnny Goss and Annie Crook are:
Charles Manley Goss
Mary Inez Goss

7. James Lloyd Goss was born October 16, 1890, died June 19, 1948; married (1) Lila Radcliff , (2) Cleo Hydrick, (3) Corine Hydrick

Child of James Goss and Lila Radcliff is:
Vivian Goss

Children of James Goss and Cleo Hydrick are:
Pauline Goss
J L Goss
Ira Goss

Children of James Goss and Corine Hydrick are:
Evelyn Goss
Doris Goss
Mary Frances Goss
Ray Goss
Norman Goss
Bobby Allen Goss

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