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Daughters of Rev. Carson Howell and Nancy Dolly Cook Howell

Dorothy "Dolly" married John Garvin and Catherine "Hattie" married Robert Garvin. John and Robert were the sons of James Garvin and Nancy Sarah Creed(l).

Children of Dorothy Sarah "Dolly" Howell and John Garvin
1. Nancy Sarah, born November 2 1841; married Larkin Garvin
2. James C. "Jimmie"
3. Jacob Aaron, born June 1846; married (1st) Annie Huckabee (2nd) Sallie Ann Coon
4. Sarah Ann L.
5. Robert Norris, December 6, 1852
6. John Felder, born 1853; married Loretta Able
7. Emma, born February 2, 1855; married Pope Courtney

Children of Catherine "Hattie" Howell and Robert Garvin
1. Elizabeth L., born May 4 1840; married Wesley Garvin
2. James Emanuel, born January 27 1842; Catherine Mack
3. Carrie R., born 1846
4. Robert Carson, born July 2 1848; married Octiva Gantt
5. William Monroe, born February 14, 1851; married Frances Steadman
6. John Belton O'Neal, born November 18 1853; married Sarah B. Steadman
7. Jacob Howell, born December 1855, married Clara Gantt
8. Idora Catherine, born 1858; married John Amaker
9. Sarah, married Jake Amaker
10. Melvenia

Reference: Keel Family Library

Daughter of C. Wise S. Keel and Emeline Howell
Addie married John "Boast" Garvin

Known children of John Boast Garvin and Addie Keel
Children's information comes from 1900 Census, Tabernacle Township, Aiken County, SC
1. Emma, born October 1886
2. Agnes, born July 1889
3. Bertha born October 1891
4. Daisy, May 1894
5. Preston, January 1897

Garvins who left Rocky Springs Church in 1845 to become charter members of Bethcar Church: James Garvin, John Garvin, Robert Garvin, Henry Garvin, D.T. Garvin, Janey Garvin, Dorothy Garvin, Katharine Garvin, Sarah Garvin, Nancy Garvin, Frances Garvin

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