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First Generation Robert Little Brodie and Mary North

Second Generation

Children of Robert Little Brodie, Sr. and Mary North
1. JOHN WARDLAW married Sarah Kitchings
2. Susan North married Thomas William Thayer
3. Robert Little, Jr. married Elizabeth Mary Mott
4. Margaret Forman married Rev. Jesse Hartwell D.D.
5. Mary W. married Edward R. Newhall
6. Thomas R.
7. Elizabeth I. married Jabez Norton

Third Generation

Children of John Wardlaw Brodie and Sarah Kitchings
1. ROBERT ALLEN married Sarah Ann Harsey
2. Susan Thayer married Thomas M. Friday
3. Mary North married James Monroe Curtis
4. Elizabeth Copeland married Rev. John A Seigler
5. Edward Newhall Married Elizabeth Caroline _______
6. Sarah Ann married Benjamine P. Reed
7. John Wardlaw, Jr. married Mary Spohronia Courtney
8. Thomas Furman married Claudia J. Quattlebaum
9. Margaret "Maggie" married _____Woodard or Woodward
10. James Kitchings married Julia Elizabeth Mathaney
11. Judson Maurice married (1st) Mary E Shrimer, (2nd) May Estelle Prothro
12. Luther Rice

Fourth Generation

Children of ROBERT ALLEN BRODIE and Sarah Ann Harsey
1. SARAH JANE, b abt 1835 married James Wesley Cook
2. Mary C., b abt 1838
3. John Wardlaw, b April 2, 1843, d October 18, 1917; married Emily Felder Porter
4. Adeline, b November 24, 1846, d April 21, 1871; married Edwin F. Philips
5. William, b abt 1848
6. Margaret E., b December 1850, d abt 1872; married George Washington Porter
7. Martha, b abt 1852, d April 13, 1920; married William P. Cook
8. Mary Pauline, b May 10, 1856, d July 23, 1918; married Henry Decatur Hogg

Fifth Generation

Children of SARAH JANE BRODIE and James Wesley Cook
Other information is filed in the Cook Family Library
2. Lula Etta
3. John H.
4. William R.
5. George A.
6. Addie V.
7. Ida P.
8. James Walter
9. Lillie Alice

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