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Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Link Page

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Official Sites:

The - an exhausting amount of Starwars info, news, and announcements. - The official site. Not much on Episode I if you're looking for Prequel stuff.

Starwars Sites:

The Star Wars Gate - Lot's of Star Wars Pics, RPG, Episode I info and pics.

Imperial Navy Ship Database - tons of info on Starwars Universe's Imperial ships. - nicely done site dedicated to the rebimperium order.

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars

Star Wars Behind the Scenes Website - very creatively made site with great effects and info for behind the scenes action of the Star Wars movies.

Trencher's Universe - your daily dose of sci fi info w/ starwars and other movies.

Jedi Paradise - Jedi News all the time. Lot's of info on the whole Star Wars Universe.

Imperial Underground Movement - Site containing a virtual tour of Skywalker Ranch, pics, and more.

Reality Starwars Archive

Dynamic Starwars - very well designed site containing lots of info, characters, pics, and more.

Valley of the Sith Lords

Star Wars Heaven - new webpage with info on episodes one, four, five, and six.

The Imperial Outpost - Well done site with ton's of news and stats for Episode I, III, IV, and V.

Talk about Star Wars!! - An AOL Message Board, Chat and activities area for Star Wars Fans within AOL's movie community.

Salamon's Star Wars Page

Command Ship KrackerJack

Journal of the Whills - complete site containing pics, downloads, mp3's, novel info, and more.

Top 100 Starwars sites - Lot's of other Starwars sites. Just Updated.'s top 100 Star Wars sites - lists top sites with votes for each month, total in, and total out.

Top 200 Starwars sites

Starwars Toy Sites: - a great selection of toy products for any collector. From Star Wars, Sci Fi, Spawn, Action Figures and more.

The Complete Star Wars Toy Page Banner

Star Wars at

Prequel Links:

The Jedi Smackdown - lot's of great info on the Prequels. News, action figures, polls, and more.

The Inofficial Episode I page(Germany) - recently updated for easy and simple info for those German fans on the Phantom Menace.

Episode 1 - The Complete Guide - Nice site with lots of info, pics, downloads, polls, and more.

Wookie Hooky - Skip work, see Star Wars - join the club of others that are planning to skip work and play hookie to see The Phantom Menace.

Phantom Menace Mania - a complete listing of Phantom Menace news, info, lot's of pics, and more.

Tatooine net - new site

Starwars The Phantom Menace - Site that has gathered info and lots of other sites dedicated to the Prequels.

Starcheer - day to day news and updates for Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, polls, pics, sounds, etc.

Laheara's Star Wars Home - Info, sounds, and pics from The Phantom Menace.

Suncrusher's Guide to Episode 2 - New site with good info for Episode 2.

The Making of Episode 1 - pics and captions from the making of perspective.

Lanie's Phantom Menace Homepage

Order of the Grey - just added!!

Chararcter/Fan Sites

Ewan McGregor link site - A thorough list of many sites dedicated to Ewan Mcgregor

The Official Association of the Queen's Guard - A movement for the female Star Wars fans.

Darth Maul Revealed - Nice looking site with lot's of great info on Darth Maul

The Queen Amidala Webpage - New site. Nicely done site with lots of info, interviews, pics of Natalie Portman.

Queen Amidala Tribute page - the title says it all. A tribute to Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala. Contains news, pics, interviews, and more.

The Jake Lloyd Fan Club - new site dedicated to the young hero.

Darth Maul 18 - cool site that's all about the evil sith - Darth Maul.

The Dark Hall of Darth Maul

Darth Maul 42's Intergalactic Enterprise

Darth Maul's Home - site info on Darth Maul and the actor who portray's him, Ray Park.

The Shrine Of Darth Maul - just added!! Nice design and creativity for the Dark Side

Qui-Gon Jinn Council of Denial - a band of staunch and virtuous Maidens who refuse to believe in the death of Qui-Gon Jinn at the conclusion of The Phantom Menace

The Episode I forgotten character - Sabe - A webpage dedicated to the character, Sabe, and her contributions to the Queen.

Link sites: - Fast growing site with tons of links to many Starwars dedicated sites. Recommend. - Starwars - Site containing a complete list of other Starwars related sites.

The Star Wars Link Engine - The Starwars link site containing almost every starwars site out there. - The Star Wars link page - A thorough list of other Starwars sites.

Links to fan sites of...

Ewan Mcgregor -

Liam Neeson -

Samuel L. Jackson -

Natalie Portman -

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