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By the way, in case no one knew this, Roger Waters will be touring this summer. So catch him if you can. To get tickets go to Ticketmaster.

So I assume you came here to look at Floyd stuff huh? Well this is one of many. The site is more dedicated to the fans of Floyd. It hasn't really worked as planned. I hoped to recieve stories of peoples experiences with Floyd, what Floyd has ment to them, and special things in there life that made Pink FLoyd Special to them, I was going to post them on this page for more people to see.

Pink Floyd is not just any ordinary band. There is a history. I remember when I first got into Floyd, I can remember different experiences I have had with regardes to the band. I can remember how the music helped me through many times.

I know that everyone that is a fan of Floyd has a story to tell. So help me release the power of this site, to people that don't know what can do.

If needed your name can be withheld from the "experience."

By the way, I just wanted to thank "Pandora" for the Lost For Words logo and Background. She's a great girl, who knows how to make great web site art. You can find her at 7898744 on ICQ. Her web site is at Pandora.
She's a wonderful person, and knows what she's doing, look her up.

If you want some of the tab off the still up, but not being updated OLGA site, go to .
There you'll find lots and lots of guitar tab that poeple have sent in through the years. And there are a lot of tab, and I mean a take a look. While you still can.

Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

Anything you wanted to know about Pink Floyd
University Of South Carolina-Go Cocks



Site by Bob Hickey, a sound mixer for Pink Floyd during the MLOR tour. He is making a movie on the behind the scenes of a Pink Floyd tour, drop into his site.

I also feel the need to let everyone know that I am working on the creation of a new web site. This web site of mine is not Floyd related, but I hope for it to be up and running soon. So I'll let you know more about that as it happens.

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Go to AllWall to get all your poster needs, has several Pink Floyd Posters as well as many more. Posters like this one:

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Well I am now beginning to start updating. Be patient. It will come.

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