J a m i e *aKa* C a s p e r' s C r i b

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*~3 6 6 K i N g D o M C r I p $~* *~C a $ p E r D a' $ L o b K i L L a~*

I just want to say hey to all my peeps!

Sarah R.Hey Baby! I'm Glad we are going out and i want you to know that I love you. *Contagous*

Tiffany V.Hey gurl! Hope Your not goin out wit dat faggot ass ni66a no more? anyways love ya gurl!

Margeret B.Hey you ALCOHOLIK! Love you!

Courtney G.Hey baby! Glad I met ya! *FWB's*Love ya

Kelly M. Maybe we can remain freinds!

Amber H: Wassup gurl? I miss talkin to ya

Amanda R.: Hey gurl! Love ya!

Matt *aka* Franki-Baby: Wassup "G"?You my mayne nigga cuzz! ~Boyz 4 Life~ {366 Kingdom Crip$ 4 LIfe}

Leann B.: Your my bestfreind forever. We have been though a bunch. No matter what happens you are my b/f

Ferris B: Hey Baby Gurl! *Nice Thong* JELLYBEANS!

Erica B.: Hey there baby! I'm glad we are reunited! HeHe! You are sweet gurl! *Secret Lova* Love ya!

Freddie S.: When we goin to da beach ni66a?

Adam B.: Sup ni66a

Chasidy S *aka* Baby C: You know you will always be my #1 in my 42! Love ya

Jessy B.: You know you my *Shotty* sis. ~Thug Love~

Eddie B.: Sup Nizzel

The Klavons: Craig youz my niggaz! Brandon you better hit that. TJ haha you mah boy

Julie *aka* Moop *aka* Homie G Moop: Hey baby!I will make sure to watch da necc! haha! Love ya!

Kim: Even though you dont talk to me no more cuz you are jus so good I will mention you on here! talk to me sometime! Love ya!

Allie: Don't give me the "Allie Look"!

Mike: Sup 9milli? Keep it real knu66a. I know about SB but you still my boy.. haha

Kathryn Durgan: You are also my bestfriend and i will always be here for you!!!!!!loveya gurl

Tara and Kristin: Sup yall? I couldnt leave yall out you know...love yall

Erin: sup sexy ? im not lyin ahha

Troy L *aka* Lil' T : Sup Cuzz. Even though you dip out on me ni66a you still my boy. D2P ni66a.. y0 KEEP IT REAL.

Kyle T. : Sup ni66a. we dont chill as much but you still my boy

Brooks *aka* Bonez: Sup my ni66a? You a trip

Troy R. *aka* Shorty: You my boy! I gotsta show love for the short peeps!

Shayna M.: Yo you are a fuCCin trip gurl...Nice Coversations hhahaha

Tiffany *aka* Baby Princess: I miss ya gurl

Jennifer C.: Sup gurl...*Troys* haha we had our times. Love ya

McKenzie *aka* Babygurl *aka* Punkass: I'm not a fighter! Imma' Lover! Stay sweet gurl!

Billy *aka* Mighty Mighty Boo Boo *aka* Boo Boo: Billy you done got ur shit str8 I C so keep it real wit ya ni66a fa sho. I love you like my ni66a fa real. ~Boyz 4 Life~

Brooke & Nicole: Psycos! I'm not on your webpages! But owell! I still Love yall!

Lexi: Where R U gurl?


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