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My Favorite Links

The Names I'm Researching: Eitniear/Etnier/Etnire/Eytenior/Edeneyer/Eideneier/ Itnyer/Itneyer/Eytenior/Eitner/Admire/Erdmayer etc., Howerter, Rought, Tillotson, Sutherland; Wehry/Whery/Wherry; Thomas; Dodge; Cherry; Kidd; Stinebaugh; Stewart; Newton; Johnson; Lilley; Oliver; Pider; Smith; Hartman; Rumsey; Link; Genealogy Gateway To The WebTM

Favorite Sites

Another Home Pages For the Eitniears
Preserving My Daughters Ancestory
Kindred Konnections
Dozens of Census Records
Back to Home Page
Eitniear and Allied Families

Wonderful Links-I visit Often

Hart, Michigan
Ohio Counties Clickable Map
Rheinland Pflaz-Palatinate
Census Images Table of Contents
Auglaize County, Ohio
Defiance County, Ohio
Genealogy in Auglzaize County, Ohio
Free!Download GenoPro v1.90
Huntingdon County GenWeb
Oceana County Michigan USGenWeb
Washington County, Maryland
Printable Abstracts For Census Records
1,000 Genealogy Links: USA Genealogy
The Olive Tree Genealogy
Cyndi's List has more than 100,100 links!
USIGS Home Page
Genealogy Link and Homepages
Ship Information
Immigrant Ships Transcribers
US County Marriage Records - Message Boards - Messages
Keith Clan
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Paul Green's TEXAS - A Musical Romance of the Texas Panhandle

Family Site Links

Mary Cinderella Itneyer and Tobias Grube
West, Long and Etnire
Ethel C. Eitniear Kintner
Blanche Eitniear and Riggenbach
Howerter Family Page Aller Family Home Page
Samuel Etnire (1804)
Shelia's Links to Passenger List
Oscar Eitniear and Melba Cowger
Johannes Eideneier
Ridenour and Prockunier
Sophia Etnyer and James Mumma
Etnire and Swank
Royer/Rohrer Family
Savage Family
Weisiger-Martin-Etnire Family
Wherry Family
Long, Schnebele, Lang, Etnier
Etnyre's of Carrol County, Illinios
Tillotson Family(Rought/Eitniear)
Strayer Family Web Page(Wehry)
Maurer Family Page