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Special Topics

In most of the pages, I invite you to tell me anything in general you would like or feel the need to discuss. Now, I have direction. In this section, I ask you specific questions about the site in an effort to improve it. I have two questions for you this time. Both of them deal with the speed of this site.

The first issue deals with the spinning globe found at the top of almost every page in this site. Until just recently, I did not realize that this was an extremely large image and would take quite a while to view using a modem (I have a T1 connection at school). Here is my question: would you rather have the spinning globe or another graphic that would be much smaller in size. Please click on the approiate link below to cast your vote. The second issure deals with the backgounds on these pages. Do any of the require you to wait an awfully long time to see them? The topic here is whether or not to offer a copy of this site that is less grahic intensive offered at another lockation. Please click on the approiate link below to cast your vote.
Keep the Globe Lose the Globe Low Graphics Copy No Copy Needed

When you click on a voting choice, it should bring up an email messae. You can do one of two things at this point. One: you can choose to send the message, and that's all you need to do. Thank you. or Two: you can choose to send a message along with your vote expressing your feelings on the subject. Again, thank you.

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