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A Message from Me


Dear Friends,

I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for visiting La Nueva Pagina Espaņol. It means a lot to me to know that someone has an interest in what I have created.

La Pagina Espaņol was created back in October of 1996. It was started because I could not find many web pages on learning the Spanish language, so I decided to create my own. La Pagina Espaņol began as a set of about five pages along with my personal page. Because of the great interest in Spanish that I had, I continued the development of the site until it became to big to house under one directory here at Angelfire I believe that is when La Pagina Espaņol was truely born. Because of the encouragement of the amount of people visiting, I was driven to make the site bigger and better.

Sadly, the day that my school awarded me the Spanish student of the Year for my work on La Pagina Espaņol, my web page was lost. As I had no backups, I figured it truely lost. However, I have a feeling many of you wanted that page back. So, I give to you La Nueva Pagina Espaņol. It is and will be bigger and better than La Pagina Espaņol could have ever been. The interface and navigation should be a little bit easier for you. I'll be bringing more and more pages on line over the next few months. I welcome your comments and suggestions. In fact, a great deal of development of the site has come from suggestions and questions by you the end user. I thank you again for visiting, and I hope you come again.

joseph Holder

If you have anything to say, please mail me at