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Site Information


On this page is information about the different aspects of the site. Unfortueately, the progress on this aspect of the page is slow. There will be some great things on this page including a history, a description of the site, and how to use it. Unforturately, I haven't had time to finish it because I have so many other committments. Coming Soon....I promise.....

Frame Navigation

Frames is a style of HTML writing which allows two different pages to be displayed as one. This allows for a smaller frame to hold navigation links that control what the larger frame displays. This will allow you to get anywhere in the site from anywhere. It allows for less links over all.

Spanish Pronunciation

This is a page where the entire spanish alphabet and how to pronounce it will be. There will also be ways to pronounce the different sounds and instuctions of how to use accentation of spanish words.


Adjectives are used for describing nouns and appear after the noun in Spanish. This page will show you how to do all that. In addition, the rules for masculine and feminine words will be included.