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The Grammar Sub-Menu

Bienvenido a "The Grammar Sub-Menu." Here is where you can learn different aspects of the Spanish Grammar rules. Grammar is a very important part to being understood in any language. If you don't know grammar properly, you may find yourself sticking your foot in your mouth more than once. I can think of one very important difference between the verbs "ser" and "estar," which both mean "to be." You could think that you are saying "I am bored" to your friends (o tus amigos) and end up saying "I am boring." A mistake that is easily corrected. The pages below are some of your links to put an end to the possiblity of making a foool of yourself. There is no particular order to these rules, but I would suggest that you attack them one at a time in the order in which they are presented. Now, enough of my speaking; Choose a link.....

Page Title Description
Noun Adjective Agreement Masculine Nous combined with Masculine Adjectives
Vocabulary Vocabulary Words and Rules
Definite & Indefinate Articles Using "the" and "a" correctly
Ser Vs. Estar When to use the two "to be" Verbs
Por Vs. Para When to use the two words for "for"
Adjective Rules Where to stick those darn things
Demostrative Adjectives/Prounouns Click and find out

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