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Terran Strategy

Terran Strategy

The Best Way To Rush With Terran

The terran are excellent at defense but very hard to attack with. This is why you should take your opponent out early in the game. Build a fact ory and research seige mode as soon as you can. This at tack won't work if your enemy gets air units before you get tanks. While you are building your factory, find your enemy with marines and build as many marines as possible. As soon as you get three tanks, send them over to your enemies base with all of your marines. Seige your tanks just in range of your enemies units. Your enemy will attack you but your marines will delay him while your seige tanks chop all of his units up. While attacking do not move your marines away from your tanks. If you attack with marines they could be damage d by your own tanks.

The Ultimate Defense

The terran are the masters of defense. You can defend your base so easily that even the best players will have a hard time getting through. Start by building a line of bunkers along the entrance to your base. Fill the bunkers with one firebat and three marines. After your bunkers are up place seige tanks in seige mode behind the bunkers. You now have an unstoppable wall against ground units, but you can still be overrun by air units. Build missle turrents next to your bunkers and tanks. The turrents will both detect and attack air units. There is no way to get through this wall unless your enemy has huge amounts of units thrown against you.

How To Get Nukes Into Your Enemie's Base

We all love terran for the same reason. We get to set off Nukes!!! There is no satisfaction though when your ghost is killed before the nuke hits the ground, and you lose both the nuke and the ghost. There are things you can do to make your nuke hit the deadliest spot, right inside your enemies base. It is so simple, just launch a little attack on your enemy and during the attack move a couple cloaked ghosts into the base. Hopefully your enemies defenses will be occupied with your attacking units that they won't attack your ghosts if they detect them. Once the ghost is in the base, be careful about overlords and cannons. Nuke wisely.

Another Nuke Strategy
I have a cool strategy for the Terrans. When you use nukes, use a group(6-10) units with a decoy ghost, and have a *real* ghost, cloaked, come in and set up the nuke. Also, if you use this too often, your enemy will catch on, so send 3-5 ghosts.
-Andrew Lang
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