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Sean's Protoss Strategy

Protoss Strategy

The Zealot Rush

The Protoss's zealots are excellent units throughout the game. Their only weakness is that they cannot attack air units. If you can get enough of them early in the game you can take out enemies before they get air units. Start by building a pylon when you have built about 8 probes. When the pylon is done build a gateway and another pylon. While these are being built collect minerals and build a few more probes. Build more gateways and pylons as you get the money, 3 to 4 gateways is a good amount. When you have made your first zealot have him scout out the map for your enemy. Don't build any other buildings besides pylons and those 3/4 gateways. Spend your money on building a mass amount of zealots. When you find your enemy send out your army and destroy. Three zealots can take out a sunken colony and 4 can take out a bunker filled with 4 marines.

A Cool Protoss Setup

An extememly cool attack pattern for protoss is to combine arbiters with dragoons. Your dragoons will take out any units going after your abiter, especially scourges. If you upgrade your dragoons range and your air defense you can make your effectiviness much greater. You can attack enemy bases without losing a guy. Make sure your arbiter stays far enough away from missle turrents and spore colonies but close enough to cloak your dragoons. With this pattern you can crush lines of enemies with ease, but remeber to watch out for missle turrents and to bring an observer along.

Shuttles and Reavers are Dealdy

The most powerful and effective manuaver for the protoss to use is the combination of reavers and shuttles. Send shuttles with reavers around the back of your enemies base and land them in his mining to kill all his probes. Make sure you place cannons in your own base to prevent protoss enemies from doing the same to you. You can also keep reavers in shuttles around your base to break up enemy attacks. Before enemy siege tanks can enter siege mode drop reavers next to them to wipe them out. Reavers are excellent against all ground units but too slow by themselves. If you upgrade your shuttles' drives nothing can stop your attacks.

Excellent Protoss Attack Manauver
My favorite protoss non-rush strategy is easy and it kicks lots of ass. I make 5 or 6 arbiters with recall ,and reavers with full upgrades and a force of anti-air units. When the arbiters have 150 energy send a scout to your opponent's base and make sure he doesn't have lots of anti-air units and turrents.Then group all of your men in a small space and send the arbitrators right into the center of his base and keep casting recall on you men untill you get them all. This tactic with enough reavers should take your enemy out pretty fast . This tactic works even agianst the most elite players and is my favorite.
by. Wacky.Tabacy

Protoss Fleet Build Order
Protoss Fleet
build all the 9 probes
use one to scout
build phylon
build a gateway
build a forge
get some zealots
build cybernetics core
then build assimilator in meantime
build 4 probes for gass
build stargate
build fleet becon
study for more room in carriers
and start building them
attack in large group

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