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Cosmo's MR2 Turbo Page


NEW!  VFAQ: PCV Catch-Can Mod (New 2002-Apr-22)
- Why to install a catch-can, how to build a catch-can, where to install a catch-can, and photos, photos, photos!

Resume: Cosmo's MR2 Turbo
- Features, Mods, Future Mods, Upgrade Philosophy.

Photos of Cosmo's MR2 Turbo
- Photos of the black beauty all waxed up.

Dyno Chart
- April '99 Dyno run, when Cosmo's MR2 Turbo was stock.
- 167 peak rear-wheel horsepower. 178 lb.ft peak rear-wheel torque.

Cosmo's Treatise On Detonation
Treatise: I. A book or writing which treats of some particular subject; now always, one containing a methodical discussion or exposition of the principles of the subject... [The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Ed.]

Tech: MR2 Turbo Upgrades Part 1
- The first round of staged upgrades: adding 40hp without compromising reliability.
- All but the cogniscenti should read Detonation first.

Tech: MR2 Turbo Upgrades Part 2
- The next round of staged upgrades: Carefully approaching 280hp flywheel.