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Senior School Building

rguably the best educational institution for all-round development in Delhi, St.Columba's is one of twelve of its kind conducted by the Indian Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers which was founded by Blessed Edmund Rice. Following the C.B.S.E. system of education since 1991, Columba's is spread over a comfortably sized campus, in the very heart of Delhi. Offering a modest range of subjects for students in Class Eleven, Columba's was the first to introduce many a facility for the betterment of the students, such as computer sciences and computer labs. Columba's, though known for numerous prestigious events of its own, has always had a notable presence in all other inter-school events and has been at the forefront when it came to charitable causes.

fficially opened on Tuesday, 29th April 1941, St.Columba's began with 32 boys. Admitting boys till class 6, the school known for its beautiful buildings, soon grew in strength and reputation to become one of the premier institutions of education in India. And now 57 years on, we at Columba's endeavour in the fullfillment of our vision: "WE CARE", carrying it into the next millenium.

Morning Assembly at Senior School

Senior School Building

till the most majestic of buildings, the senior school building, when built, stood alone and housed the entire school. Today, the 11th and 12th classes are to be found here alongwith a library, science laboratories and the administration wing. On the first floor are the residences of the Christian Brothers.

he Junior School, built in 1955, was the second building to come up. Attendance having increased dramatically to 2200 from 600 over the last 3 years, its need was clearly felt. Today, this cream and brick structure houses the junior classes from K.G. to 3, including an upgraded computer lab and other facilities such as singing rooms and a separate multimedia room, where the green columbans use the latest technology to stay ahead of their times.

Junior School Building

Middle School Building

he Middle School building, built in stark contrast to the rest of the school, not only in colour but also in style, was built in 1967-68. It now houses classes from 4 onwards to 10, with even more laboratories, a totally separate computer room, the best in the school, and, the most reminiscent place for every ex-columban, the Canteen !