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Australia (AU) Canada (CN) France (FR) Germany (GR) Netherlands (NL) New Zealand (NZ) Scotland/United Kingdom (UK) South Africa (SA) Sweden (SW) United States (US)

CLYDESDALE HORSE SOCIETY, Scotland: It all started here
Canadian Clydesdale Horse Association
Clydesdale Breeders of The United States
Clydesdale Horse Society of New Zealand
Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Of Australia
Canadian Clydesdale Pedigrees
Clydesale Breeders of the USA Pedigrees
Alberta Clydesdale Association (CN)
Manitoba Clydesdale Club(CN)
Ohio Regional Clydesdale and Shire Association (US)
Ontario Clydesdale Club (CN)
New South Wales Branch of the CCHS (AU)
Queensland Branch of the CCHS (AU)
Victorian Branch of the CCHS (AU)
Waikato Heavy Horse Association (NZ)
Western Australian Branch of the CCHS (AU)

Web Sites
Alamar Acres (US)
Anderson's 'Royal' Clydesdales
Arclid Shires and Clydesdales (AU)
Armageddon Clydesdales (US)
Arradoul Clydesdales (UK)
Autum Run Clydesdales (US)

Beereega Clydesdale Stud (AU)
Benwerrin Park Stud (AU)
Big Shoe Stables (US)
Bighorn Clydesdales (US)
Blackwood Clydesdale Stud (NZ)
Blue Moon Clydesdales (US)
Boulder Bluff Clydesdales (CN)
Calico Farms(US)
Carlton Clydesdales (AU)
Castagnasso Clydesdales (US)
Cey Clydesdales (CN)
Chadeau Mountain Clydesdales (US)
City of Aberdeen Clydesdale Horse Show (UK)
Classic City (US)
Coopers Brewery famous Clydesdale horses (AU)
Coppertop Clydesdales (US)
Cow Skin Creek Clydesdales (US)
Creekland Ranch (US)
Cumbrian Heavy Horses (UK)
D & D Featherfoot (US)
Dakota Clydesdales (US)
Dame Marie Shires and Clydesdales (FR)
Daniel Gingras (CN)
Dayboo Clydesdale Stud (NZ)
Deeply Rooted Farms(US)
Die Gelb Rose(US)
Dillers Stud (UK)
Donegal Clydesdales (CN)
Double Shoe Farm (US)
Downsland Clydesdale Stud (UK)
Duneske Clydesdale Stud (AU)
Ebony Clydesdales (US)
Egalacres Clydesdales (CN)
Erewhon Station Horse Stud (NZ)
Express Clydesdales (US)
Falconledge Farms Clydesdales (US)
Falmarksforsen Clydesdales (SW)
Far Forest (GR)
Farrellawn Farms (US)
Fire and Ice Acres (US)
Five Star Clydesdales (US)
Freedom Acres (CN)
Garr-Dell Farm (US)
Genesis Farms (US)
Gentle Giant Meadow (US)
Glencoe Clydesdales (US)
Goodell Clydesdales (US)
Grandview Clydesdales (US)
Grathbrae Clydesdale Stud (AU)
Greenwood Farms (US)
Half Mile High Farm (US)
Hare Hill Shire und Clydesdale (GR)
Hatfield Clydesdales and Shorthorns (CN)
Headlands clydesdale stud (AU)
Hill Topper Clydesdales (CN)
Hillhouse Clydesdales (UK)
Irish Thunder Clydesdales (US)
Iron Horse Clydesdale (US)
KelMar Clydesdales (US)
Kings Ransom Clydesdales and Drum horses (AU)
Larsons Clydesdales (US)
Laurelvale Clydesdales (US)
Lisborne Park Clydesdales (AU)
Little Giants(US)
Lone Pine Clydesdales (US)
Maplestone Clydesdales (CN)
Matthew Burks (UK)
Matthew Gregory King (UK)
McGilvray Farms (US)
Mile High Farm (US)
Mountain Meadows (CA)
Mt. Baker Clydesdales (US)
Northwest Clydesdales (US)
Olde Tyme Travel (US)
Performance Unlimited Clydesdales (US)
Pirongia Clydesdales (NZ)
Redbrook Clydesdales (AU)
Redd Barney Ranch (US)
Riverside Clydesdales (CA)
Robin Hood Stables (NL)
Robyncroft Farm (US)
Rocky A Ranch (US)
Samarah Park Stud (AU)
Sand Creek Clydesdales (US)
Sandy Acres (US)
Sharp's Clydesdales (UK)
Shining Meadows Clydesdales
Soaring Eagle Farms (US)
Somewhere Farms Clydesdales (US)
South Creek Clydesdales (US)
Stall Idunvallen (SW)
Steve Lofty Farms (US)
Stonecroft Farms Clydesdales (CN)
Stonefield Clydesdales (GR)
Strathorn Farm Stables (UK)
Suttler Post Farm (UA)
Svenska Shire and Clyde (SW)
Tarmac Heavy Horses (AU)
Tartan Farms Clydesdales (US)
Tymeless Clydesdal and Carriage Company (US)
West Edge Acres (CN)
Westerdale Clydesdales (CN)
Whisper Hill Clydesdales (US)
Whispering Pines Clydesdales (US)
Whispering Pines (US)
Wildwood Clydesdales(CN)
Willow Grove Farm (US)
Willow Way Clydesdales (CN)
Wismer Clydesdales (CN)
Wolf Mound Farm (US)
Zaneville Manor Farm (US)


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The Clydesdale International
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