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Welcome to Taylor's Chihuahuas

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 1998 'MY'Chihuahuas

This is CC, Pepe and Chachi.


This site is for all you Chihuahua Lovers. It is for all of you who are owned by Chihuahuas and for those who are thinking of being owned by a Chihuahua.

I hope to make this a site that you will want to come back to again and again.

I love Chihuahuas and think they are the greatest Dogs in the World. But then if you are checking out my site, you must feel the same way too or deciding if you too could be a Chihuahua lover like me!

Chihuahuas are not right for everyone, but for the ones they are right for, they are highly addictive! You can't just stop at one! Hopefully this site will help you decide one way or the other.

If you are trying to decide if a Chihuahua is for you, I encourage you to visit as many Chihuahua sites as you can, read as much about them as you can, and ask all the questions you think of to help you make the right decision.

If you are already a Chihuahua Lover, then you know what is in store for you when visiting a Chihuahua site! More wonderful little Chi's in which to fall in love with!

I have also added pages about my family and friends as they are big Chihuahua lovers too!

I am also a big Elvis fan! Have been since birth I think! LOL I was lucky enough to see him in concert in February 1977 before his death. He is the King of Rock and Roll!

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you will visit often and don't forget to please sign my Guestbook.

XOXO... Linda & Chi's
I fell in love with these little guys! I received permission to use them on my site from Fiely, the artist. Please respect the artist's rights - If you would like to use this animation, please contact the artist directly for permission.

This beautiful Good Will Seal of Compassion was sent to me from a beautiful person and a Chi lover herself! Cheryl (Senegalady)! Thank you so much!! XOXOXOXO. Visit her site by clicking on the seal.

This award was given to me by another wonderful talented person and Chi Lover and member of our list, Barb. Thank you! XOXOXO Click on it to visit her site.

This is the beautiful painting of my Chachi created by Helen Harrison.

Here is Helen at work. If you would like to vist her site and have a painting made of your furbaby, please click on the picture below.

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